tuesday topics: ten. unusual song titles

March 13, 2018

one. late nineties bedroom rock for the missionaries. broken social scene.
two. unintentional tape manipulators. earlimart.
three. battlestar scralachtica. incubus.
four. my heart is the burns on the street. marah.
five. i'm totally not down with rob's alien. minus the bear.
six. we have a map of the piano. mum.
seven. polar nettles. neko case.
eight. well thought out twinkies. silversun pickups.
nine. silo lullaby. toad the wet sprocket.
ten. building a boat from the board in your eyes. what made milwaukee famous.

these are ten from my library that struck me as a little bizarre. what are some in your collection that strike you as unusual? share a link to your list in the comments.


  1. I haven't heard any of these before. I'm going to have to youtube them.

  2. Saw the New Pornographers in concert once. I like "Challengers" and "Go Places".
    Haven't really checked out her solo work though.

    But yeah - those are definitely unusual song titles.

  3. Here we go!

    Your selections are by far and away more unusual than mine! I must admit, too, that I'm only familiar with two of the bands (Incubus and Toad the Wet Sprocket).

  4. I've never heard of any of these songs! The bands, yes, but not the songs. Crazy titles!