motion picture monday

February 19, 2018

released: 1989.
starring: sally field, julia roberts, tom skerritt.
what makes it awesome: i've seen this thing i don't know how many times, and still, after almost two decades and even with the sound off, field can make me BAWL. and skerritt makes me giggle a LOT. it's damned near perfect.

released: 1989.
starring: robin williams, ethan hawke, robert sean leonard.
what makes it awesome: williams and leonard.

released: 1989.
starring: tom hanks, mare winningham, craig t. nelson.
what makes it awesome: hooch.

four. parenthood.
released: 1989.
starring: dianne wiest, steve martin, jason robards.
what makes it awesome: the story. and wiest.

five. gross anatomy.
released: 1989.
starring: matthew modine, zakes mokae, christine lahti.
what makes it awesome: modine and lahti.

released: 1989.
starring: meg ryan, carrie fisher, billy crystal.
what makes it awesome: ryan and crystal.

seven. major league.
released: 1989.
starring: tom berenger, dennis haysbert, charlie sheen.
what makes it awesome: the story.


  1. Ha. I watched a Lahti movie yesterday: Running on Empty.

  2. I have seen these movies in a long time. Have a great week.