tuesday topics: five. things you love about fall

October 24, 2017

one. the weather. it's seventy-six degrees and sunny today. most days in texas are like that right about now. this is why i live in texas. it will be like this for about three months. this and...

two. the football. no state does football better than texas. none. NONE.

three. the colors. yeah, okay. we don't get the glory of the north. i get it. but this is exactly why i like it here. because it's subtle and sweet and short-lived, and you have to look for it. you have to make yourself take notice. it's impossible to take it for granted.

four. the clothes. specifically my boots and my older brother's sweaters. yeah, i know. they're made for a man. i miss the man. i like bundling up in them.

five. the backroads. i love taking drives through the country this time of year. i especially loved taking them in phineas boba fett (that little gray car at the far right in that photo above... god, i miss that car).

what do you love most about the season? share your thoughts with me!


  1. These are all good reasons to love Fall! Taking drives in the country is something I enjoy doing at this time of year too! And the colors are the best, even if they are short lived where you are!
    The Beth Next Door

  2. I've often wondered what the foliage looks like in the south and I caught a brief glimpse of it this past week en route to and from New Orleans.

    As mentioned above, all good reasons to love fall!