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October 11, 2017

one. refuge for masterminds. the last of the school for unusual girls trilogy. historical fiction with a fantasy twist. i like the characters and love the idea at the heart of the story (supposes napoleon's outcome were different and a group of brilliant girls do their damnedest to save the world). it's a quick read. better than the second book. not as good as the first. three.

two. north of happy. about a boy who lives in mexico and runs off to the northwest because he doesn't want the life his father has laid out for him. it's a little predictable, but i enjoyed the story. of the books listed here, it's the fastest, easiest to read. four.

three. beach music. REALLY complex story, and i don't stand a chance of relaying it well here, so... it's beautifully written. i most enjoyed the interactions the main character has with his four brothers. my folks had listened to this a long time ago on a road trip and were so absorbed in the story they ran out of gas. i can see how that would be. it's immersive fiction, both tragic and comedic. five.

four. wicked: the life and times of the wicked witch of the west. liked the idea of this one. didn't care much for the execution of it, with regard to both the writing and the plot structure. two.

five. emily and einstein. woman's husband is killed in an accident, and then she learns that her marriage wasn't quite what she thought it had been. i liked her character a hell of a lot better than her husband. it's a quick and entertaining enough read. but it's nothing really special. two.

six. sea swept. i've read this one at least a dozen times. it's the first book in one of my favorite series by nora roberts, about a trio of brothers and the boy their father had taken in. i dig the characters and the conflict. the only complaint i've got on this one is roberts has a habit of jumping around from one character's point of view to another. i don't have a post for this one like i do the others, so i'll share a snippet here:

"always squabbling."

the voice, weak and slurred, caused all three men to jolt to attention.

"dad." ethan leaned forward first, his heart fluttering in his chest.

"i'll get the doctor."

"no. stay," ray mumbled before phillip could rush out of the room. it was a hideous effort, this coming back, even for a moment. and ray understood he had moments only. already his mind and body seemed separate things, though he could feel the pressure of hands on his hands, hear the sound of his sons' voices, and the fear and anger in them... his sons, he thought, three wonderful gifts of fate. he'd done his best by them, tried to show them how to become men. now he needed them for one more. needed them to stay a unit without him and tend the child.

"the boy... the boy's mine. yours now. keep the boy, whatever happens, you see to him, cam. you'll understand him best." the big hand, once so strong and vital, tried desperately to squeeze. "your word on it."

"we'll take care of him... we'll take care of him until you're on your feet again."

"ethan." ray sucked in another breath that wheezed through the respirator. "he'll need your patience, your heart. you're a fine waterman because of them."

"don't worry about seth. we'll look after him."


"right here." he moved closer, bending low. "we're all right here."

"such good brains. you'll figure out how to make it all work. don't let the boy go. you're brothers. remember you're brothers. so proud of you. all of you. quinns." he smiled a little, and stopped fighting. "you have to let me go now."

"i'm going to get the doctor." panicked, phillip rushed out of the room while cam and ethan tried to will their father back to consciousness.

no one noticed the boy who stayed curled in the chair, his eyes squeezed tightly shut against hot tears (pages 23-24).

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  1. Beach Music sounds very intriguing. I'm going to add it to my TBR.

  2. This challenge has piqued my interest to read Beach Music. That's crazy that your parents ran out of gas while listening to it!

  3. I read Wicked YEARS ago and remember not hating it but thinking it was really bizarre.