tuesday topics: two. ways to get out of a funk

September 4, 2017

so i know all the ways i should say here, all the proper things i should suggest: vitamins and minerals, exercise, diet, selflessness. the thing is, when i'm in the tank as i like to call my bouts of depression, i have to give a shit enough about myself to get out of it, and all those methods of self-care... they require caring... and when i'm in it, i don't feel like i'm worth all that much. i can't care about a goddamned thing... except for sleep and stories.

one. sleep, rest, quiet. i spend a day or two in my room with the door closed, curled up in bed with a book. the solitude is like still waters instead of the raging rapids, which is how being out and about feels to me on most days and eventually i'm too tired to swim, so to speak. i float for a while. and when i grow tired of the quiet, i get up and out again.

two. books, movies and music. sometimes a day or two of solitude isn't enough so i immerse myself in fiction. i distract myself from my reality by familiarizing myself with the realities of characters others have created. and eventually, i am reminded of why i like the characters i created and the world they inhabit, and i get up and out again.

when you're in a funk, what do you do to get out of it? share your ideas with me!


  1. I agree with losing yourself in books, movies, music, whatever you need to do. And self care is most important, so sleep and rest are totally ok in my opinion!
    The Beth Next Door

  2. Time alone with a good book or movie definitely helps!