tuesday topics: ten. sexiest men alive

September 18, 2017

one. robert downey jr.
two. chris hemsworth.
three. gabriel macht.
four. taylor kitsch. 
five. chris evans.
six. luke evans.
seven. milo ventimiglia.
eight. theo james.
nine. matt bomer.
ten. karl urban.

who makes the cut? share your ten sexiest men lists with me!


  1. Man, I totally forgot about Four (Theo)! Oh, so many men, only so many slots on a Top Ten List. Sigh.

  2. LOL so many hot men named Chris! I have a Chris on my list too but not either of the ones you picked! Great choices here though! I especially like number seven! I was always Team Jess.
    The Beth Next Door

  3. Oh, okay. This list has lots of good going on. I don't think I could choose 10, I have a tendency of changing my mind at least weekly. :D

  4. Oh gosh, Matt Bomer is just gorgeous.


  5. You definitely have a type! ;) I love Matt Bomer so much. I don't know why I didn't think about adding him to my list. I agree with RDJ, Taylor, Theo, Milo, Luke and both Chrises. So yeah, basically everyone. It was just too hard to narrow down!

  6. It took me a lot longer than I imagined to pick just 10! Milo would make it in a top 20 for me. I didn't even recognize Taylor Kitsch without the longer locks! Chris Hemsworth is on my list too :)