tuesday topics: one. worst vacation

September 12, 2017

three days in the garden of good and evil.

i should've planned the trip better. i should've gone alone or with a different friend. i should've handled things -- so many things -- differently. i can't tell you why this particular vacation sucked, just that it did. it wasn't all horrid: the weather was damned near perfect, so i got to take what i think are some lovely photos of some beautiful things, and i got the best kiss of my life in savannah, georgia. BUT, overall, it was miserable from the moment i met my friend at the airport to the moment we went to our respective terminals to catch our flights home. i spent the majority of that weekend letting her unload, attempting to placate and offering advice. a single woman, one who is pitifully unlucky at love, counseling a married woman. it was not a good time for me.

i want to go back. plan it better, choose a better travel companion. see more.

what's the worst vacation you've taken? share it with me!


  1. Sometimes the people we are with can make or break a vacation for sure! I bet if you go again on your own or with someone else it will be much better!
    The Beth Next Door

  2. Having a friend unload the entire vacation sounds... exhausting. I hope you get a chance to go back either alone or with someone else! My worse vacation was also due to the company. I really enjoyed Salem, MA and all of the witch museums and history, but my ex decided he needed to be drunk the majority of the time we were there so I left him at the bar and wandered by myself for the most part. Luckily it was a short trip.

  3. Oh man, that is pretty miserable. I've had vacations where my moody travel partner ruined my day and it definitely made me bitter. After a few trips, I've realized it's not worth going with her. I'd rather stay home (or go somewhere alone! I dream of a solo vacation) than with a grump.