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September 12, 2017

one. the help. erin sent me this book years ago, and i finally got around to reading listening to it for her book challenge and am so glad i did. it's AMAZING. i wanna be as compassionate as celia and as courageous as skeeter, aibileen and minnie. five.

two. all the bright places. i read this in hours, not days. a handful of hours. it's FAST fiction, which is one of my favorite things. and i love theodore and violet. five.

three. the beginning of everything. it had potential. it really did. the author came up with a damned fine idea for conflict, and she nailed high school clique behavior pretty well, i think. but the execution leaves much to be desired. she can't write. one.

four. gone with the wind. one thousand ninety three pages. one THOUSAND. AND ninety-three pages. christ on crutches. i opted for the audio book on this because the hardcover's not as fat as the paperback, but it's as heavy as a doorstop, and the font's small, and they fill the pages with words. i couldn't get to page two hundred. so... library. i made the mistake of thinking it's one boxed disc set. it's TWO. FORTY-ONE discs. and i accidentally picked the second half. but i was like, screw this. i'll do this one first. and i'm SO, SO glad i did because if i'd listened to the first half first i NEVER. WOULD. HAVE. FINISHED. IT. that said, the movie never made me cry. the book does. several times. i like scarlett better for having read the book. and i KNOW she doesn't stand a chance in hell of getting rhett back, but i like that she thinks she can. i recommend reading it, but start at page eight hundred twenty-four. all the story before has too much textbook history in it, and i learned that shit in ninth grade american history. i can't give it a five because it's ONE THOUSAND PAGES. mitchell should've been able to get it done in under HALF that. four. a very lenient four.

five. the book thief. erin sent me this one, too. my mom read it and loved it so much she gave a book report on it to the gals in one of her social groups. i've got little flags all through my copy of pages she wanted to share with them, all the points of story she felt were critical. (gone with the wind is her favorite book by the way. she didn't like that i was bitching to her, and often, about how long it took me to get through that thing -- TWO months. GAH. way too long... but this isn't about that). i read almost three hundred pages of this one before i resorted to borrowing the discs from the library. this one reads like dickens' our mutual friend. there's lots of details, and they're good. and it's beautifully written, but it bored me quite a bit because the pace is. SO. SLOW. and then i got to the last cd and was crying. and even though this one and gone with the wind made me cry, that doesn't happen often yall. i can only think of two other books that have done that: the fault in our stars and the language of flowers. four. a less lenient four than gone with the wind because zusak told his story in half the pages mitchell did.

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  1. The Book Thief really is such a beautiful book and so moving! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Gone With The Wind is one of my favorite movies so I loved the book, but I can see why you thought that it was tedious to read/listen to.

  2. I really enjoyed The Book Thief on audio, it was a really great listen. It is probably one of the only historical fiction books that I have enjoyed and when I think about it, it makes me want to give others a go. I don't think any will compare to it though for me.

    I'm on a mission to find my Book Thief of thrillers now since I don't really enjoy that genre either but there must be a book out there that I do like.

    The Help, I also audiobook-ed that one and really enjoyed it. I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if I'd read the actual book but I loved the narration and I couldn't resist giving the film another watch after I'd finished.

    Sounds like a pretty good reading month and damn, I give you many many gold stars for getting through Gone With the Wind. 1,000 pages! I don't mind big books but 1,000 pages is mega-big!

    Here's to a great reading September!

  3. I have never listened to a book on audio and I'm a bit intimidated by it - mostly because I think I'll fall asleep or the person reading it will have "that" voice and will turn me off of the book. Gah, why am I weird. I have never seen Gone with the Wind and I've always thought that I would probably love this more as a book. Maybe I'll dive into it one day. So long though. Kudos to you woman! That's a long read.

  4. Wow you read a lot of great stuff this month! All the Bright Places sounds really good.

  5. For the life of me I just can't get through The Help. I've tried 3 times. I don't know why I can't get into it.

  6. yay the help! it's been years since i read it, i've heard the audio is amazing. all the bright places has been on my list forever. i'm sure i'll get to it one day. gone with the wind is also on my list (it's literally the first or oldest book on my TBR because i've read everything else on the list before that, but it's still there) and i'll probably do the audio when i get to it. the book thief is legit one of my top ten, favourites of all time. i would be a mess if i tried to listen to it - i cry way too easily, and every time i read that book i cry. the fault in our stars made me cry too, the language of flowers is on my shelf at home so i'll be sure to grab some tissues when i get to it.

  7. The Help and The Book Thief are two of my favorites! I actually just picked up Zuzak's The Messenger because I liked his writing style. I've never read or watched Gone With the Wind and have no desire to do so, especially at 1,000 pages! All The Bright Places is on my TBR too, happy to see another positive review for it.

  8. Ahahaha, I had to laugh at your review of Gone With the Wind. I have actually read that book twice! Aaand I actually kind of enjoyed all the history because that's something we don't learn in school, ever! Well done you for getting through it anyway :-D

    All the Bright Places has been on my tbr for so, so long! I really should start reading the books at the start of my list!

  9. I am still wrecked by All the Bright Places and I read it about 2 years ago. I ugly cried for hours after I finished it.

    The Help and The Book Thief are also excellent.

  10. I loved The Book Thief and The Help. And All the Bright Places. So much.

    I read GWTW on a weekend in college over winter session, it must be about 18 years ago now. I loved it. I still have not seen the movie all the way through.

  11. I feel like I am the only person in the world who hasn't read The Help yet but I think I will do it on audio - apparently it is so amazing and I'm sure you think so after listening to it. I alternated between listening to and reading The Book Thief and man oh man that was an intense story but loved it. I think I'm going to stay pretty far away from Gone with the Wind - not for me at the moment. lol.

  12. I really liked All The Bright Places! I have The Help on my bookshelf, but have only seen the movie. I've read a few books at 1,000 pages (or close to) and it's tough!

  13. I read The Help in 2015 and it took me a while, it's pretty dense, but gosh it was moving. I loved it. One of my top 5 from that year. I'm impressed by your reading of Gone With the Wind. It's on my shelf.. .but I've not been brave enough yet! The Book Thief is another one I've been meaning to read forever and ever. Xo - Alexandra

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