what's up, weekend?

August 11, 2017

so the things for which i am most grateful this week is the conversation i had with one of the gals at pappadeaux's. i've spent a significant bit of time this week typing up the pages i'd written in the past six weeks or so. pages, by the way, that i'd been happy to have written then, but upon review proved to be thoroughly disheartening. i ended up deleting half the shit i'd typed. why? because when i told her how much i was hating having to type them, she told me not to type them, then. and we got to talking about why i hated them, and she said that what i had one of my characters doing didn't sound like the sort of thing he would do at all. and she's right. it's not at all the kind of thing he would do. it's what i would expect most guys to do, but he's not most guys. my girl's the bitch in this book, yall. my boy's a sweetheart. he would never react the way i had him reacting, and THAT is why the pages were so shitty. THAT is why i was hating typing them. of course, i have yet to figure out how he WOULD react to this particular circumstances, but... at least i know it's not that way. it's like i was given permission to go against the grain on this one. like it's okay that my guy do things differently. i love that she called me out on it, or whatever. 

after i'd typed the pages i decided were worthy enough, i yanked every one of them out and wadded them up (i'm sure the folks dining in the booths behind me were thrilled... i was making quite the show of this... it felt so good to trash those pages, yall). i walked a majority of them to the trash can. i tried to throw the last two like i was shooting hoops. one of the bartenders was cleaning up the service bar as i did this and observed. i missed. both times. i didn't like that she called me out on that. whatever.

so anyway, while i'm mulling over how to fix this particular chapter, i spent the day binging on ncis: new orleans. i'd not watched much television the past few months, unless it was movies, so there are LOT of episodes stored. i killed blue bloods, ncis and ncis: los angeles earlier this week.

this weekend i plan on doing nothing but writing and watching elementary and madam secretary. and GAME OF THRONES. last week, yall. DAMN.

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  1. That's awesome that you have someone you trust to talk about your writing with. Best of luck with your revisions. And I'm planning on watching some Madam Secretary tonight!

  2. The rest of us are doing the editing wrong! Has to be cathartic to do it your way. Especially with the right drinks and snacks.

  3. So, forgive me if you've already posted, but I gather you're writing a book, Jen? Is this your first? That's really cool you have someone to bounce your thoughts on to, and someone that will put you in check, too. Obviously that's someone that knows you very well and that you trust. I'm sure this will be a masterpiece in the end, and exactly how it's meant to be. :)

    Have a great week my friend. Xo