tuesday topics: five. things you love about your state

August 15, 2017

photo by erich schlegel / dallas morning news
one. the spirit of aggieland. so this is what we look like when we're at our best. sixteen years ago. september twenty-second. the aggies vs. oklahoma state. tens of thousands of shirts sold so kyle field could look like this. tens of thousands of dollars raised to support first responders in new york city and their families. sometimes i think we've forgotten just how good we can be. sometimes i wonder why it takes tragedy to bring out the best in us. more of this please, america. less preaching, more patriotism. please, god, more of this. anyway... some of my happiest days have been spent at kyle field. it's hard not feel good about the world and your place in it when you're standing in that stadium.

two. the diversity of geography. there's a beach to the south, forests to the north, hill country to the west, and beyond that desert then mountains. yes, mountains. guadalupe peak's nearly nine thousand feet above sea level, yall. it's not pikes peak, no, but it's not some rinky dink hill, either.

three. dr. pepper.

four. whataburger. in-n-out burger can suck it.

five. the come and take it flag. flown at the battle of gonzales, the first military engagement of the texas revolution. october second, eighteen thirty-five. mexico wanted their cannon back.

what things do you love about your state? share them with me!


  1. I have always wanted to try Whataburger! And the geography does sound diverse! I have yet to ever visit Texas so I will have to make sure to go someday!
    The Beth Next Door

  2. I have never heard of whataburger. Texas is somewhere I always wanted to visit. How hot is it? I am such a baby with heat.. I'm from Minnesota and our summers are humid and I hate it. But I love our falls and Spring.

  3. That's such an awesome picture. And I agree- tragedy can (and often does) bring out the best in us. I've never had Whataburger but I definitely want to try it, especially since you claim that it's better than In-n-Out!

  4. I've never had What-a-burger OR in-an-out burger, so I can't choose sides! LOL Fun topic. :)


  5. I grew up in New Mexico where we had Whataburger and no In-N-Out. Then I moved to Arizona...well, I became a changed woman.

  6. California:
    geographic diversity
    ethnic and religious diversity
    sexy women
    winter isn't horrible (for most of the state)