five reasons to binge the show psych

August 26, 2017

hey yall, today i've got lauren from shooting stars mag sharing her love for the television program psych.

When it comes to TV, I’ll admit that I’m not great at keeping up with shows. Even the ones that I love, I haven’t necessarily sat down and watched it from season one. However, the one exception to that is the show Psych that used to be on the USA Network. There are eight seasons, and I’ve watched every single one. In fact, the USA Network is releasing a Psych TV movie this December, so if you want to be prepared, now is a great time to binge watch the show. I’ll even give you five reasons why you should!

1. Best Bromance Ever. Main characters Shawn and Gus are childhood best friends, and they have the best bromance you will ever find. While they are simply friends, it would be easy to assume they are a couple as attached at the hip as they are throughout the seasons.

2. Mystery in Every Episode. Each episode has its very own mystery. Shawn and Gus work with the Santa Barbara police department as consultants. While Shawn is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes of sorts – he’s really good at noticing details, and putting two and two together – the police hire him as a psychic (hence the title), which he pretends to be.

3. Hilarious! This show is hilarious! From the amusing insults Shawn lobs at Gus to the fact that he’s pretending to be psychic to the combative relationship between Shawn and police officer Lassiter. You will not be wanting for laughs when watching the show.

4. 80's Love. There are so many references to 80's actors and films throughout the seasons of Psych. After a while, the show even starts having some great guest appearances. Ally Sheedy – from The Breakfast Club – appears in a few episodes. Cary Elwes – from The Princess Bride – is also in a couple different episodes. My absolute favorite? Tim Curry playing a Simon Cowell-esque judge on a singing competition. It’s one of my absolute favorite Psych episodes.

5. Best Titles Ever. Finally, my fifth reason to binge the show Psych is because so many of the episodes have fantastic titles. These definitely go along with the show being hilarious, but I thought they deserved their own point. Some great episode titles include Gus's Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy, Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger, Disco Didn’t Die. It was Murdered!, Chivalry Is Not Dead… But Someone Is and many, many more!

What do you think? Have I enticed you enough to check out the show? If you’ve already seen it, let me know your favorite quotes or episodes!

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  1. Tim Curry is my favorite actor, from "Rocky Horror..." to the present. He's naturally villainous and terrific in everything. "Psych" is a fun show.

    1. Oh, I love Tim Curry. IT, Rocky Horror, Clue...some great films!


  2. I have never seen it. Heard about it before but yes, now I will be sure to track it down and add it to my binge list LOL

  3. This show is hilarious and perfectly binge-able! We watched it when it aired, and now cannot help tuning in when a rerun is on.

    1. I love that! I really need to go back and re-watch the seasons. It's been awhile.