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August 29, 2017

hello from harveyland! i mean houston.

it's still raining. in case you were curious. unlike every other instance of heinous weather, we still have power here. so many other places don't. so many others don't have homes to which they can go. many of my friends have evacuated. some evil bastards are looting properties -- because our police officers are a little busy saving people right now. there are many from a distance who are saying things like why doesn't houston evacuate? because there are millions of people living here and only so many places they can go, and so much more importantly, the folks on the coast need to get out first. i'll get pissy if i talk about this too much, so let me digress...

so i live right off interstate forty-five, north of the woodlands. on the other side of the freeway from me is a group of apartment complexes. i was driving down magnolia parkway (something i wouldn't've been able to do yesterday because the san jacinto river's over its banks and has flooded many a roadway) when i noticed old glory: shredded, but damned if that banner yet waves. i had to stop and snap a shot of that. i was nearly in tears at the sight. 

the river, by the way, is on the other side of those trees in the background. the river's made the entrance to my neighborhood look like this:

this tweet. i swear to god it's one of best things i've seen in my twitter feed. ever. and i've been so tired of twitter lately, yall. this did make me cry.

i read all the bright places by jennifer niven yesterday. this needs to be on your to be read list.

the things i've been craving... because when a storm's coming you think canned goods, bottled water, batteries, charcoal... essentials. you forget about vices: coca-cola and dutch chocolate blue bell ice cream, for example. thankfully there were a couple of twelve-packs stashed. but damned if i couldn't eat a half gallon of chocolate all by myself right now. and pappadeaux's. i've not claimed my spot at the bar in several days. not that i can. it's been closed since friday. first world problems, i know. but yall, that's my happy place. there's no sun right now, hasn't been for five days. it feels like five weeks. when you take away a girl's sunshine and happy place, it's a hell of a lot easier to succumb to moodiness (probably didn't help that i read that book yesterday. but whatever). so for those of you who are to the east of us... from what i understand, that rat bastard harvey's coming at yall and the atlantic. when you make your lists of things you need -- and god i hope it doesn't come to this for yall, but just in case -- make sure you consider your cravings when shopping for those essentials. helps with cabin fever to have all the goodies.

the fall film challenge begins in THREE days, and i've got half a dozen folks or so who've signed up for the thing. i'd sure love it if more people played along.

and i'll be resuming the picky scavenger hunts in september. i'd love it if people would participate in those, as well.

check out what lauren and bre have put on their lists!


  1. Been thinking of you! Stay safe and I hope that the rain is over STAT.
    The Beth Next Door

  2. We've had so much home cooked food the past XX amount of days (who even knows what day it is anymore) that I couldn't wait to get out and get some ice cream or dessert from somewhere else. I'm so glad we made it through the storm unscathed but it has taken a toll on everyone in southeast Texas.

    Goodreads calls All The Bright Places "the fault in our stars meets eleanor & park" and i'm already teary. adding it to my TBR list!
    thanks for linking up.

    1. oh wait! i got an Audible credit. even better lol

  3. Love the flag pic. On the Friday before the hurricane, after I had shopped, I realized we were woefully understocked on sweets so an emergency trip to Walgreens happened for Oreos and peanut butter M&Ms. It possibly saved my sanity. Thanks for linking up!