tuesday topics: seven. places you'd most like to visit

July 31, 2017

one. salzkammergut, austria. that region in particular looks especially lovely, like a fairytale. as proud as i am of my welsh roots, i'm fondest of that branch of the family tree. i'd really like to see that land.
two. monterey, california. in college i discovered nora roberts' novels. the one i favor most is a trilogy about three women -- margo, kate and laura -- raised like they were sisters near the cliffs of big sur. everything i've heard said it's ridiculously crowded and ungodly expensive, and i'd likely have a horrible anxiety attack and be queen bitch to everyone within a fifty mile radius because of it, but... i still want to see it.
three. athens, greeceathena's territory. and athena -- goddess of wisdom and war -- has always been my favorite.
four. aran islands, ireland. all of county galway, really. there's irish blood in me, too. lord knows the irish lot would be incensed that i'd bothered to tour wales, that i'd picked that country over theirs.
five. matamata, new zealand. also called hobbiton. because i'm more fascinated by the work that went into making this film set than any other.
six. aberdeen, scotland. and there's the scot branch of the tree. because god forbid i should neglect that bit of heritage and not see that countryside. 
seven. aldabra atoll, seychelles. glorious beaches. all i need's a hammock, a great book and some sunscreen for this pale celtic skin of mine, and then leave me be for a good while to appreciate the bliss.

where would you go? share your travel hopes with me!


  1. All of the places you'd like to go definitely look like they'd be scenic and photo worthy! I hope you have a chance to visit them all!
    The Beth Next Door

  2. All of the places you listed sound awesome!

  3. You are right about Monterrey being $$$... It's just one of those things that you know up front and prepare for and you just go and enjoy your time there. That entire stretch of CA coastline is just beautiful.

    Interesting list, Jenn. I like how you were very specific with your destinations.

  4. Your choices are very specific. I couldn't narrow mine down so I just clumped a few countries or states together. Haha! I never imagined I'd like to visit New Zealand, but after seeing pictures from some friends who have recently gone, it's definitely on my list now. I've been to Innsbruck, but want to visit Salzburg too because it really does look like a fairy tale come to life!

  5. I'm just gonna do this on my own schedule lol. YES to Hobbiton! That would be so fun and it's on my international list. Seychelles is beautiful. I like that your list explores many of your family roots.