tuesday topics: nine. games you love to play

July 17, 2017

one. asshole. so i'm not one for drinking games, but this one, also called president, is pretty cool. the first person to get rid of his or her cards is the president, the next is vice president, and the last is the asshole, who for the duration of the next round has to do everything everybody else says. i'm almost always the asshole.

two. heads up. i'd only learned of this game when we were in colorado last month. my sister-in-law introduced me to it. it's pretty fun, minus the holding a phone to your face bit.

three. hearts. all or nothing. my kind of game.

four. phase ten. this card game takes a LONG time to play, which is probably why i love it. that, and i usually win. :]

five. pokeno. a friend introduced me to this one a few months ago. SO much fun. it's kind of like bingo. my friends pair it with a white elephant gift exchange. good times.

six. scrabble. i hardly ever lose at this. also my kind of game.

seven. sequence. a game that combines cards and a board? count me in.

eight. spades. i learned of this game as a child at my great uncle's monastery. the folks would put us down for bed, and then my grandmother and her sons and daughters would gather round a table and she'd kick all their asses. it sounded like so much fun. they'd never let us play. and of course, by the time i was old enough, they'd grown tired of it. LOVE this game, though.

nine. splendor. this one's my favorite. i SUCK at this game, yall, but i never get tired of playing it.

what are your favorites? share them with me!


  1. I love Scrabble too. And Hearts! I forgot about Hearts, we enjoy that and also Euchre, have you ever played that?

  2. I so enjoy Scrabbly and Sequence, too!

  3. I love these! I rock at Phase 10 and Sequence!