tuesday topics: the next batch

July 6, 2017

seven. places you'd most like to visit.
six. best country songs.
five. things you love about your state.
four. favorite chocolate recipes.
three. casting mistakes in films.
two. ways to get out of a funk.
one. worst vacation.

tuesday topics posts resume july eleventh. i hope you'll play along.

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linking up with kristen and gretchen.


  1. These prompts sound fun! I might think about playing along!

  2. what fun prompts! Thank so much for sharing... I love the one about casting mistakes in movies... of course, I can't think of any now but I always opt for Nicholas Cage in anything because his acting annoys me, lol.

    XOXO and hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Yay! I need to participate more this time around!