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July 11, 2017

one. the princess bride. so i've seen this movie dozens of times. my sister-in-law and brother's children had not. we watched it. and after having seen it, my nephew's interest was (temporarily) piqued, so i bought the book. i'd never read it. because while i like the movie quite a bit, i'd never felt a pull to read the book. and i'm glad i decided to do so. the beginning is stupid shit. the ending is even worse. BUT the author did a damned fine job of converting his novel to the screen. because while reading it (on the two-day trek home from colorado, so... the best time to be reading, really), i was replaying the film in my mind, and the words were rolling right along with it. the only differences are that you get inigo and fezzik's backstory in the book, you learn a little more about buttercup's history, and you get to see more of the nightmare sequences she has about marrying humperdinck. there are a couple of others, but ultimately, it's the story on steroids, really. i dug it. but since the beginning and the end are so deplorable... four out of five.

two. belle. so this is a spin on beauty and the beast. belle has two sisters, and they are gorgeous. stunning. beautiful with a capital b. she thinks her name is all wrong for her, because she's beautiful with a lower case b. so there's a completely different family history with this one, a ginormously different family dynamic, which i liked. the beast part of the story leaves MUCH to be desired. the author spends half the book investigating that family dynamic, which i didn't mind. but she should've spent twice as much time on the beastly part of the story, because it feels rushed and redonkulus. two.

three. splintered. so this is a spin on alice's adventures in wonderland. i've never cared for that particular tale, so i wasn't sure i was going to enjoy this book (i chose it because it suited one of the categories for erin's book challenge). but i liked it well enough. it's a really interesting take on the story, and i very much appreciated the author's vision for it. i liked the characters. i liked how she organized the conflicts. this was much better than i anticipated. that said, i don't know that i liked it well enough to read others in this series. four.

four. caraval. this one! i LOVED this one. not because it's so fantastically written (because it's not). but because i love how chock full of conflict it is, how that conflict is resolved. how inventive it is. mostly because i like scarlett, and i love julian. i listened to this one on audible and have every intention of snagging a copy of this for my library. good stuff. it's engaging and entertaining. five. 

ones i've started: furiously happy by jenny lawson, the book thief by markus zusak and gone with the wind by margaret mitchell.

tally: seventy-three.

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  1. Oh! I so hope you love GWTW! It's a southern classic!!

  2. I loooove The Princess Bride - film and book. My boyfriend had read the book but not seen the film so I made him watch the film with me, but he still likes the book better.

    The random love triangle in Splintered annoyed me. Was it really necessary to have both male characters interested in her and refuse to work together because each knew the other liked her. Annoying!

  3. Would Splintered work for a Disney related book? That's the category that has me the most confused.

  4. I thought Splintered was a fun one. I read the second book too, but I need to finish the series at some point. I really want to read The Princess Bride.


  5. One day, if you're interested, you might want to check out Cary Elwes' book, As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride. If you like audio, I'd suggest that format because most of the cast do the narration. It's almost like the cast dropped by your house one day for coffee and regaled you with behind the scenes tales. I really, really liked it.

  6. All of these are on my TBR. Great to know your thoughts. Especially on Splintered. The cover is kinda unconvincing. LOL I'm going to agree with Ericka above, I've heard his book is fabulous even for folks who don't enjoy non fiction. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. i loved the princess bride. the book really was hard to get through, i remember reading it and then listening to the abridged audiobook, it takes out all the useless stuff lol. splintered is on my kindle, though i'm not an alice fan at all really. it just looked like my kind of book haha. definitely adding caraval!