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June 25, 2017

one. a man called ove by fredrik backman. both my parents read this about a year or so ago and were unsuccessful in their efforts to encourage me to read it. and then one of the gals in the book club i'm in selected it. it's about a cranky old man and his neighbors attempts to befriend him. it starts slow but picks up quickly and there's some beautiful passages and a great story once you get past ove's crusty exterior. five.

two. wait for me by caroline leech. i'd briefly considered this for one of the categories in erin's book challenge but decided against it, and then i met the author the following sunday at a writer's brunch and liked her so i went back and got it and read it as a bonus selection in the challenge. it's set in scotland at the conclusion of the second world war, and german prisoners are forced to work on farms. a girl falls in love with one of the prisoners. it's a neat idea for a story, and i liked the german character and his history well enough, but overall, i found it tedious. two.

three. the bookshop on the corner by jenny colgan. i'd seen this book before and thought i might like it, and so for a christmas gift exchange hosted by mattie and olya, i put it on my wish list and another blogger was kind enough to send it to me. and then i chose it as a bonus selection for erin's challenge. an english librarian loses her job and decides to open a bookshop in scotland. it's a neat idea for a story. i liked the main characters well enough. i do not like the way colgan writes, mostly because the way she tells the story is boring. there's like three dozen chapters in this thing, and only the last six were any good. two.

four. little beach street bakery by jenny colgan. i picked this up at the bookstore, off one of the front-of-store tables, i think, and quite some time ago. before i'd received the other colgan book. it'd been sitting on my shelves untouched ever since. i decided to read it for the challenge. i liked the premise of the story, although it's rather similar to the other: the business an english woman and her boyfriend founded goes bankrupt, and her relationship with the boy goes bust, so she decides to move to a small town in cornwall and open a bakery. she falls for a beekeeper, but neither are much good at communicating, so her life kind of goes awry again. i liked more of the characters in this one. i would've said i liked it better than the bookshop story, but then i got to the ending. the last few chapters are so much shittier than the rest of the book that they killed any appreciation i may have had for the thing. plus it's godawful long. one. 

five. the duff by kody keplinger. read it because i like the movie. but the book's a lot different. that bothered me at first, which was why i'd put it back on the bookstore's shelves on a number of occasions. and then one day, i said fuck it and read it, and i'm glad i did. i like the movie well enough, but at times it's pretty ridiculous. the book's better. an ordinary high school girl engages in a casual, sexual relationship with a guy she considers a manwhore to distract herself from a miserable home life and the crush she has on another boy. it's cheesy but cute and reads quick. four.

six. the romantics by leah konen. a friend lent me this love story as told by cupid. i liked the idea and the characters well enough, and there's some good subplot that keeps things interesting, but i didn't care for the author's writing style, and the ending's ridiculous. one.

ones i've started: furiously happy by jenny lawson and the princess bride by william goldman.

tally: sixty-nine. i'd neglected to include what light by jay asher (a novel i'd read last fall) in the count.

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  1. I've read The Duff but it's been years. I read it before the movie, and while I liked the movie a lot, I thought the book had more depth (which is almost always true!). My mom has A Man Called Ove. Hopefully she'll enjoy it.


  2. I love how honest your reviews are. I haven't heard of any of these other than A Man Called Ove - seems like that's the winner! It's been on my list, too. - Corey

  3. I haven't actually heard of a lot of these and I'm always looking for new books, I'll have to check them out. A Man Called Ove is on my list though!

  4. Gah... I need more time! These are all (but the last one) on my to read-list! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Furiously Happy is one that I want to pick up- it's one of the most recommended to me!