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June 27, 2017

so i know we're a third of the way through summer already, and many of yall have your travel plans firmly cemented or have already concluded them, as i have done. we spent a week in colorado, and it was gorgeous but hot. i'm glad to be home, but i miss the mountains already.

the past couple of times i've participated in this linkup, i've recommended books, movies and music. since picky's been heavy on the book posts lately (yall can thank erin for that), i thought i'd share photos of some of my favorite travel destinations, beginning with the one i'd most like yall to see...

abbey of our lady of the holy trinity - huntsville, utah
the abbey where my great uncle resides will close in september, and the near two thousand acres which i've always thought of as heaven could fall prey to developers. please, if you can, go see it before it loses its majesty. 

en route to the abbey, crossing over mount green - northwestern utah 

pacific park - santa monica, california

the fountains at chatham parkway - savannah, georgia

coligny beach - hilton head, south carolina

charleston, south carolina

woodfin valley - blue ridge mountains, north carolina

basilica i temple expiatori de la sagrada familia - barcelona, spain
antonio gaudi designed this church. construction began one hundred thirty-five years ago and is expected to be completed nine years from now, one hundred years after gaudi's death.

carcassonne, france

notre-dame de paris - paris, france

notre-dame de reims - reims, france
joan of arc met with a king and coronations took place here. also marc chagall designed the windows, and they are glorious. 

schloss neuschwanstein - hohenschwangau, bavaria, germany

neues rathaus - munich, germany

konzentrationslager dachau - dachau, bavaria, germany

the view from a hike to hay's bluff - hay-on-wye, wales
there's also a castle filled with books in hay. yall should probably see that, too.

other recommendations: the churchill war rooms in london and the vincent van gogh museum in amsterdam. i must insist on the audio tours for both. they are wonderful.

where should i go next? what are some of your favorite places?

check out lists by lauren and bre!

also... tuesday topics will resume july eleventh. what kinds of things would yall like to talk about?


  1. Wow, what beautiful photos! And such exotic locations. Travel and photography are big passions of mine so this post is a delight.

  2. Beautiful photos, Jen! Several brought back some memories for me.

  3. All of these photos are so lovely and they're just making me want to walk out of my office and just go travel. If only!

  4. I'd recommend Chattanooga, Tenn., Asheville, N.C., and Alligator Point, Fla. I could almost smell the sweet magnolia in that picture from Charleston! I read this post an hour into a three-hour meeting, so thank you for the escape!

  5. That photo of Pacific Park is breathtaking! I love to travel, but I don't always have the time or funds to do it. So I like living vicariously through posts like this! :) Have you ever been to Hawaii? My hubby and I got married in Waikiki and it is still our favorite travel destination.

  6. I love all the photos. The picture of Wales is awesome. A castle filled with books sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Gorgeous photos! The only place I've been on your list is Charleston. I'd have to add Napa to the list. It's the prettiest place I've ever visited and I'm dying to return. Thanks for linking up!

  8. Beautiful photos - these look like some great places to visit. I'd love a relaxing getaway.


  9. Ohh I love these photos! Such beautiful places to visit. I really need to get out more lol.