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May 4, 2017

What's New With You

one. book challenge by erin. i finished that fucker. yeah. i said it. i do a film challenge every fall, and watching twenty-five movies in three months is a HELL of a lot easier for me to do than read ten books in four months. i've never finished erin's book challenge before. EVER. there was, at least, one instance where i didn't read a single book, i think. maybe one. maybe. i know one year i tried to read diana gabaldon's the outlander. of my ten selections, i was the least interested in that one; my mom's always telling me do the hardest thing first, then the rest of the stuff seems like cake. so i started with that one. didn't finish it. HATED it. SO MUCH. but this time, i finished. and not only did i finish, i read TWO books out of the bonus round. BOOM.

two. the manuscript from HELL. in the spring of ninety-six, i created three characters. i was procrastinating. at the time my brother and i were sharing an apartment in huntsville where we attended college. we lived within walking distance of denny's. i spent a LOT of time there studying. and before i'd crack the books, i'd scribble in a spiral. i'd made up three characters, wrote a little scene about them, and then put them aside to cram for an art appreciation final. the next semester, i turned three pages of their story into twenty-three. and in january of ninety-seven, after i'd graduated, i got the brilliant idea to write a book. for those of you thinking this is easy, i beseech you: read this post. since that glorious day, those three characters' tale has been relegated to the furthest recesses of my creative noggin, and four others' stories have taken precedence. i wrote some three hundred pages over the course of fifteen years or so and spent the past five years editing the bitch. she's lost half her content and what was the end is now the middle... and some day before i die i might finish this fucker, too. today was the last day of editing. i have cut out all the crap and rearranged all the shit, and so now i begin the grueling task of cranking out thirty-thousand more words, so i can edit them, cut their content by half... one of the servers at pappadeaux's suggested, when i was bitching about how much i hated the thing, that i should set fire to the pages. that wouldn't be a good enough death, though. it'd be over and done in seconds. i'd rather get on the roof of the williams tower in houston and send each of the pages flying, piece by piece. maybe i'll do that once i'm done. like a celebration. i can shred an old copy of the thing.

three. april scavenger hunt. i got all but one of the things done: hug an australian. i didn't think that one would be so difficult, really, given that a significant percentage of the residents of the houston metropolitan area are in the oil industry because of anadarko and exxon and texas city... but yeah. that didn't happen. i did, however, manage to get to an astros game, something i'd not done in twelve years. and a twelve-year-old girl almost beat me at scrabble.

four. grief. i've been missing my brother a lot lately. he died in lake charles, louisiana fifteen years ago. fishing and gambling... and drinking. three of his favorite things. i've been telling myself ever since that i'm gonna go see the place. i'm making myself go this weekend. it's not far. two hours by car. something tells me it's gonna feel a lot longer than that.

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  1. go you on finishing erin's challenge! i did not. womp womp. i was short 2 books. rage. bummer about not liking outlander, i freaking loved it. hahaha.
    come to KY, you can hug me. LOL that sounds hella creepy.

  2. You can hug an Australian in May :) Well, not exactly, I'm an American, but I'm considering dual citizenship for the future.
    You know your book challenge participation makes me so happy I could burst.

  3. Congratulations on finishing Erin's book challenge! You even read 2 in the bonus round? That's awesome!