tuesday topics: four. film soundtracks

May 9, 2017

the key word here is soundtracks. there's a difference between scores and soundtracks. i feel the need to clarify because if you google best film soundtracks, that colorful bar at the top of the search results, the one that lets you scroll through a sample, the first mentioned is blade runner. music composed for the motion picture. if i were to have said film scores rather than soundtracks, that list would be compositions by john williams for star wars and harry potter, howard shore for lord of the rings and klaus badelt for pirates of the caribbean.

but technically, it's soundtracks. and i limited yall to four. because i'm nice like that. if yall already did your posts (because yall were on the ball and had them scheduled to go up sometime in the wee hours of tuesday morning because you're smart, and i forgot last night that today was tuesday and didn't come to class prepared... anyway, if your posts include scores, i'm good with that. you don't have to redo them.)

featuring: above the law; concrete blonde; cowboy junkies; chagall guevera; liquid jesus;
peter murphy; ivan neville; pixies; henry rollins; sonic youth; and soundgarden. 
favorite song: everybody knows performed by concrete blonde. 
released: august 'ninety.

featuring: alice in chains; chris cornell; the jimi hendrix experience; lovemongers; mother love bone; mudhoney;
pearl jam; screaming trees; the smashing pumpkins; soundgarden; and paul westerberg.
favorite song: would performed by alice in chains.
released: june 'ninety-two.

featuring: tori amos; chris cornell; lauren christy; fisher; mono; poe;
pulp; reef; duncan sheik; the verve pipe; and scott weiland.
favorite song: like a friend performed by pulp. 
released: january 'ninety-eight.

featuring: joan armatrading; brick; the cardigans; george clinton; richard gibbs; leroy; letters to cleo;
madness; save ferris; jessica riddle; semisonic; sister hazel; and ta-gana.
favorite song: your winter performed by sister hazel.
released: april 'ninety-nine.

what are your favorite soundtracks? share them with me!


  1. I forgot about Singles! I need to go listen to Pump Up The Volume and Great Expectations for sure. And I also love 10 Things!

  2. Never heard of the first two, but Singles sounds like one I would be into. Totally forgot about 10 Things I Hate About You, but love almost all of those artists! Your Winter is one of my all-time favorite songs.