tuesday topics: five. cocktails

May 1, 2017

one. mudslide. shot of tito's vodka, shot of baileys, shot of kahlua.

two. colorado bulldog. shot of tito's vodka, shot of kahlua, cream and cola. 

three. white russian. two shots tito's vodka, shot of kahlua and cream

four. chocolate martini. ounce and a half godiva liqueur, shot of tito's vodka and cream

five. dos equis. draft, no salt. lime.

what are some of your favorites? share them with me!


  1. You like the sweet drinks! I remember drinking mudslides when I was younger at Ruby Tuesdays and the like. White Russians always make me think of The Big Lebowski lol. “Careful man, there’s a beverage here!”

  2. LOL I always do a black Russian. I also enjoy a mudslide for a sweet treat every now and then!

  3. I see a trend here. Lots of creamy drinks. I love them all.

  4. They all sound delicious! When we were on out honeymoon, we found that the pool bar served drinks before it served food, so every morning I found myself ordering this white russian that was basically a banana smoothie with kahlua (and ice cream... and crushed ice, I think). So yum!