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May 3, 2017

five books you should read: the secret life of bees by sue monk kidd; we are okay by nina lacour; thirteen reasons why by jay asher; the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky; and right before your eyes by ellen shanman (that last one's MUCH lighter than the rest).

five films you should watch: burnt. but understand that i may be in the minority on this one. i don't care. i'm not a bradley cooper fan. his voice annoys me. i don't think he's all that handsome (i damned well know i'm in the minority there). generally, i'm not a fan of his work. but he's pretty fucking awesome in this movie. i cried. he made me cry. i don't often cry in movies, so... that he got me weepy makes me want to give him mad props. five hundred days of summer. mr. magorium's wonder emporiumplaying by heart. oh my god, yall. the cast on this one: sean connery; anthony edwards; dennis quaid; jon stewart; jay mohr; ryan phillippe; gena rowlands; ellen burstyn; patricia clarkson; natassja kinski; madeleine stowe; gillian anderson; angelina jolie... apparently amanda peet and hillary duff are in it, too (but i can't remember their roles). anyway... it's impressive. there's not a lot of action. but there's a lot of story, and it's intricately woven. it's character-driven cinema, yall... my favorite kind. watch it for connery and rowlands, at least... because they are amazing. jolie's pretty awesome, also. sleepers. it's got a pretty fantastic cast, too: robert de niro; dustin hoffman; kevin bacon; bruno kirby; terry kinney; brad pitt; jason patric; billy crudup; ron eldard; and minnie driver. shit's heavy and hard to watch, but it's incredibly well done.

five songs that should be in your library: boom boom by big head todd and the monsters; you could be mine by guns n' roses; anyway by martina mcbride; roads by portishead; pride and joy by stevie ray vaughan.

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  1. I've read three of those books and added two others! Thanks for the recommendations! I found you through Erin's Book Challenge. I watched Sleepers one time when it first came out and Kevin Bacon's character made me hate him!!! So convincing. I should probably watch it again sometime. Great music choices as well!!

  2. A friend let me borrow Burnt after she raved about it. I need to pull it out this weekend and watch it. :)

  3. Adding all of these books to my list! I love good book suggestions! :)

  4. Five Hundred Days of Summer is such a good movie!

  5. I am currently reading 13 Reasons Why. I watched the adaptation and now I need to know how the book goes! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gah! I keep forgetting this link up. I do want to see Sleepers at some point. And The Perks of Being a Wallflower is seriously my favorite book.


  7. I need to add these all to my list. Thanks for all the suggestions :) Happy Thursday!