what's up, weekend

April 8, 2017

i can't tell you what i did this week. i can tell you that right now, my head is killing me and my face hurts. that i've lost my patience with political parties and the media who seem more concerned with crucifying our current president and immortalizing the previous one. i think they both suck. but i'm not inside that great white house, sitting at that glorious resolute desk. i'm not in the eye of that storm, and so i can't see all the debris swirling within it. i don't presume to think i know better than government officials, and what i'm seeing on the news is journalists who think they are smarter. it's driving me nuts, but then i'm just a small-town girl from southeast texas. this isn't to say i've no concern for the well-being of this country as well as that of our allies. i do. but i'm reminded of scripture... get your own house in order... cast not the first stone. anyway, this post is supposed to be about gratitude.

i'm grateful for air conditioning. hot water. dove pink soap. pureology volumizing shampoo. colgate total. oral b toothbrushes and those floss picks that dentists detest (you want me to floss... this is really the only way that's going to happen). my twelfth man cup featuring mike evans, von miller and dat nguyen. ice water. cotton nightshirts. flannel star wars sheets. ceiling fans. the roses and goldenrod painting by julia gilmore on the wall opposite the foot of my bed... the first thing i see when i awake and the last thing before i turn off the light before sleep.

for my uncles who served in the army and navy, my older brother's best friend who served in the air force, my cousins who served in the army and marines, for the one who continues to serve in the department of homeland security.

for the mute and off buttons on the remote, for the unfollow button on facebook for those times i can no longer stomach the political vitriol friends spew. one of them is a devout democrat who likes to compare this president to the previous one at every available opportunity. i scroll past those status updates fast as i can. i resist the urge to engage. when her mother died a year or so ago, i drove to livingston on valentine's day for the memorial. we will never see eye to eye when it comes to politics, but i've known her for thirty years. i'm not gonna shuck a friendship because her beliefs clash with mine.

i'm grateful that twitter has so many folks on it, so when i'm on someone's page and the tweets are more vitriol, i can simply click over to someone else's page. it's twitter, for crying out loud. TWITTER, people.

for spell check because apparently i spelled vitriol incorrectly. twice.

clonazepam... i really like that stuff. i've probably taken it more than i should lately, but my mom broke both her feet the day before my birthday so for about a week, i've been a lot more anxious than normal.

i'm grateful for this is us and hawaii five-o and blue bloods. for the films patriots day and rogue one: a star wars story. 

for rebecca and ann and margaret and bill.

for the floral department at heb. for collin at wal-mart who helped me nab that front row parking place.

but mostly, mostly i'm grateful that the day is done.

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  1. air conditioning and hot water are two things I can definitely agree with in terms of being thankful for!

    I hope you have a good weekend. :)


  2. A 12th Man cup with Mike Evans, Von Miller, and Dat Nguyen? I need this cup in my life.
    I enjoy reading gratitude posts, and I need to be better about participating in them too.

  3. So many simple things make our life great. Never mind politics...ack. Love this post, Jen. Enjoy Sunday!

  4. ARGHHHHH there goes one comment being deleted.
    Sorry for just now making my around to your corner of the internet.
    I still cannot believe that your mother broke not one, but both feet. Holy smokes is that ever going to be an uphill battle for her.

    I'm always grateful for hot water (since I'm freezing all of the time). I am also grateful for unfollow or unfriend buttons on Facebook. I recently had to break up with a friend, for numerous reasons, but one of them was that she cannot respect other people's opinions. We don't all have to agree for crying out loud, but you don't have to be an a$$hole about it either. Life is too short to be around vitrol people that do nothing but bitch and complain and do nothing about it.

    I do hope the second half of your week is good and that you don't have any more headaches or face hurts. ;)