tuesday topics: seven. budget tips

April 18, 2017

i've to preclude this one with the confession that i am not debt free, nor am i any good at denying myself. but...

one. fuck credit cards. kill those bitches dead as quick as you can, and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER succumb to the sweet spiel sales associates lay on you. trust me on this one. i know the sweet spiel. i suckered hordes of mommies into opening new veins of credit. i was VERY, VERY good at it. there was glee in my heart every time someone was approved. be strong. DENY, DENY, DENY. i don't care what they try to sell you. fuck'm.

two. dave ramsey is your best friend. seriously. he would be mine for sure if i weren't born under the sign of the ram and had any kind of willpower whatsoever. alas i get bored easily; sticktoitiveness ain't my thing. but yall... that financial peace shit's pretty amazing.

three. the library is your friend. i say this, but please understand that i understand how difficult it is to maintain that relationship because bookstores with their tidy shelves and their NEW books that have hardly been pawed at have a song similar to a siren's. also, if you've got a friend who's got an audible account, get better acquainted.

four. wanna watch a movie? early bird matinees and half-priced tuesdays are the thing. this i can tell you... i don't go to movies at night any more. okay, well hardly ever. if by some freak of nature it is at night, it's generally on a tuesday, when time doesn't matter.

five. the other day i discovered you could watch an astros game for eighteen bucks: ticket, twenty-ounce coca-cola, popcorn and a hot dog. and the seats, they ain't so bad. they're not near the dugout, but fuck paying seventy-eight bucks for admission only to watch the stros play the angels. eighteen bucks with food? take me out the ball game. 

six. some of the best days i've had with friends haven't required spending any money whatsoever. get out your board games, get round a table and play. chances are you'll find that's better than any night on the town.

seven. this one's by far the most difficult for me: quit giving your money to places like pappadeaux's.

that said, yall... i never budget. mostly, i picked this topic because this week's tax week, and i need you people to help me out with being better on my wallet. how do you keep your cash stashed? share your ideas with me!

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  1. Dave Ramsey was the one who helped me get my financial shit together, mostly because his method seemed doable. Yessss to the library. That's pretty sweet that you can get food and the game for $18! Never heard of pappadeaux's but I feel the same way about stores like TJ Maxx and Home Goods. Great tips!