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April 2, 2017

i was waiting all month, really for this post because i really like the idea of this linkup. lauren and bre posted their lists on tuesday and so many others have joined in... and i've been racking. my. brain. trying to think of things so i could play, too.

and so far, all i've got is the game splendor, but i feel like i keep going on about this game, so i was hesitant to mention it here. but yall.. it's awesome. it really, really is. i took it over to a friend's house the other day... we were going to work on our resumes, but i suckered her into playing before we got started... she's not one to normally like games, but halfway through playing it, she was saying how she was going to order it. and by the time i'd left, she was telling her husband they had to get it. it's a LOT of fun. a good cross between a board game and cards.

the next thing i'd list is bodycology pure white gardenia shower gel and lotion. i know i've mentioned these products before, but yall... i don't use them every day. that's not because they're expensive or hard to find. each one's like four bucks, and you can get them at the grocery store. it's that i'm not the girly girl. i use dove pink soap every day, spritz on some of polo's romance, and i'm good. but every time i make more of an effort -- the days i'm incredibly down or i'm going somewhere other than pappadeaux's or the bookstore, like dinner with family and friends or the supremely sporadic job interview or date, i'll use the shower gel and the lotion, too. and people always wonder what products i use when i bother to use them.

the romance, i know... i don't think it's been a trend for quite some time. that candle? that's the one we used for my older brother's memorial service fourteen years ago. the christmas before he died, my brother gave me a box set of that perfume for christmas. i still have the box it came in. i stupidly threw the bottle out when i'd finished it off. it's one of two perfumes i like. the other, abercrombie and fitch's eight, is one i rarely buy. nine times out of ten. i'm wearing romance. i love the way it smells. i love that my brother picked it out for me.

but i've gushed about those things. like i'd gushed about tul pens and tops docket gold paper before. i wanted to talk about things i rarely talk about. only... i can't think of any. i'm such a creature of habit, yall.

because i am, i'll resort to talking about the things i love most: books, movies and music.

five books you should read (in case you'd missed those times i've gushed about them): landline and eleanor and park by rainbow rowell; the language of flowers by vanessa diffenbaugh; the fault in our stars by john green; wonder by r.j. palacio. rowell's writing a screenplay for eleanor and park, but it's been in development for quite. some. time. part of me wants this thing made already. but another part wants it to be perfect, so... i'm striving for patience. supposedly the film the language of flowers is in development, too, but details are beyond scarce. stephen chbosky's directing wonder. it's got a release date of november seventeenth; julia roberts and owen wilson are playing the parents. i hope they don't screw this story up. the book is beautiful. as for the film version of the fault in our stars... meh. it's okay. the book's better.

five films you should watch: last night i saw an advertisement on nbc for the upcoming kentucky derby. watching that made me want to watch seabiscuit again. i love that movie. it's one i watch every year at least once. i can't stand tobey maguire, but he's really good in this. about time. it's amazing. i love bill nighy in everything he does, but he's the best in this. fried green tomatoes. mary stuart masterson at her best. incendies. this one's ROUGH. a foreign film with a frighteningly and surprisingly horrific story line, but the manner in which that story unfolds, as hideous as it is... it's beautifully made. people like us. chris pine and elizabeth banks. they do good work here.

five songs that should be in your library: sometime around midnight by the airborne toxic event; hope for the hopeless by a fine frenzy; stay by lisa loeb; wild by poe; all i want is you by u2.

check out lauren's list and bre's list.

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  1. LOL my husband loooooves the Airborne Toxic Event and other than the times we have seen them in concert, you are the only other fan I have ever come across (he also likes A Fine Frenzy, we both like U2, and I claim Stay as my karaoke song, so you're 4/5 in my household...). I need new body wash so I may have to add this to my list. Landline is my favorite Rowell book, though others seem to ignore it, so I'm pleased to see it on your list. And I never watch movies but I have seen About Time and it made me cry - I really liked it. Thanks for linking up!