you get what you give

March 15, 2017

i started writing this post and had six or seven paragraphs down before i realized i was burying the lede. 

sometimes interviewing people for the articles i was assigned to write while working at the newspaper, sometimes those people intimidated me. the more beautiful they were, the less comfortable i felt in their presence.

one of those people was an artist, a painter from mexico who provided the art for the office building her husband owned. i'm in jeans and my docs and probably a polo, and i'm sure my hair was tied back in a pony tail. i doubt i had put make up on. the usual m.o. for me. this woman, who was at least a head shorter than me, had long, flowing brown hair, gorgeous skin and eyes and smile. she knew how to dress. she knew how to be a woman, in every sense of the word. i was intimidated by her, but i managed to get through the interview alright.

so imagine my surprise, after my having sent her a note a few weeks ago letting her know how much i'd enjoyed meeting her (because i did... i always love talking art with people), how much i admired her talents and skills. imagine how pleased i was to get a note from her. a note that included the following:

i feel so blessed that we met. let me tell you, the day of the interview, my nerves were killing me. hahahah! but you made me feel so comfortable that suddenly i started to talk to you as if i knew you for years. you are such a sweet, kind, smart and wonderful human being.

i'm a little weepy reading that. and i've read it at least a half a dozen times today. 


  1. Jenn, I'm weepy reading that too. That's one special note.

  2. Oh I appreciate you sharing this - I'm also a writer and I interview a lot of folks for stories and I feel the same way you did on many many occasions. Thinking my Birks were too casual or I had my questions all out of order. I love her response... we're all human. Nice to meet you!

  3. Oh that is so sweet! Definitely a day brightener!

  4. Aww, that's awesome! The best thing is, she didn't have to write that, but really wanted to!

  5. Le sigh. I love *everything* about this and couldn't possibly agree more—you do, indeed, get back what you put out there!

  6. That's great! We all need to send and receive notes that like from time to time.

  7. What a BEAUTIFUL note that is <3 Isn't it funny, how differently we can read a situation from someone else experiencing the very same thing? What a wonderful letter of encouragement that is and should show you that you 1) clearly do a great job and 2) have a calming presence and 3) are leaving just as much of an impact as your interviewees leave on you!

    Thanks for sharing this <3