what's up, weekend?

March 24, 2017

so erin called my attention to the formation of a facebook group for bloggers called the peaceful posse. i'd been in a couple of blogging facebook groups before but hadn't enjoyed them. so far, this one seems to be alright. they've devised a friday linkup in which we're to talk about the things during the week for which we have been grateful, so...

sunday. i'd spent last week housesitting for a friend while she and her family went to california for spring break. she radiates so much light and kindness, and i'm grateful that a) i got to spend a week in a quiet house in the country; and b) she thinks so well of me. she came home that evening and gave me me a shirt from monterey, a place i've always wanted to go. maybe someday...

monday. one of my mom's brothers (the older of the two) and his wife drove down from colorado to spend the week with us. they're bunking in my room, which mean's i'm bunking in my younger brother's room (on a twin bed... yay). still, i'm grateful that they're here. i'm grateful my mom helped me finish getting my room ready that day. that night, i got to watch another friend's boys while she and her husband went to the houston livestock show and rodeo to see florida georgia line. they've cute kids. i enjoyed spending time with them.

tuesday. a woman i'd met through the blogging world and become facebook friends, but whom i'd never met in person, invited me to see zz top at the rodeo with her and her boyfriend. it was a glorious day: clear and cool. i got my car washed (a thing i've needed to do for months... it was pretty bad, yall... i'd washed the outside but not the inside, but even that was weeks ago), so it was nice and pretty. i was grateful for the clean car, and more so for navigating houston's shitty traffic without incident. and most of all for getting to see zz top for free because she's a volunteer working the event upon occasion.

wednesday. went with my mom, uncle and aunt to see beauty and the beast (a friend had taken me to see it on st. patrick's day, but i like looking at luke evans. i also like listening to him speak. and his singing's not bad, so... sure i'll go again). side note: i'm grateful for videos like this, too:

i'm grateful to be able to hear ANYBODY speak welsh. have you seen the way they spell shit? i'm part welsh, so i shouldn't be knocking the country of my ancestors but DAMN, yall.

i might've missed a letter. i'm sure yall'll understand and forgive should that be the case, right? right.

i swear to god when they say it, it sounds like there's a HELL of a lot more syllables in there than those letters could possibly represent. and those letters, how in GOD'S NAME could they possibly spell that?

also, to the woman in that video, it's GERMANIC not ARABIC. WENCH.

anyway. movie. we ran into a woman i love whom i'd not seen in some time, so it was really nice to see her sweet, smiling face. and then after the movie, i taught my mom and aunt to play splendor, a pretty badass game. get it.

thursday. i wore a dress for the whole day. i managed to not bust my ass in the heels. also, i had a job interview. that makes five in six months. god, please, PLEASE let me find work soon. (i got a voicemail this morning, informing me they were considering other candidates. i'm grateful for the interview. i'm grateful for the phone call. sure, i imagine telling someone they suck sucks, but at least they had the balls to do so. i give'm props for that.)

i met with my writing friends for critique group to read the last three chapters (thirteen pages) of my manuscript. one of those friends and i had a disagreement over what should be critiqued in group. i'm better at line edits, at strengthening the writing itself. that's not what she wants from me, that's not what she thinks is the purpose of critique groups. i got upset -- the kind of upset where i'm quiet and on the verge of tears. the kind of upset where i toss people's words back in their faces, but i do it with a quiet voice so it has more of an effect. people like to say i'm too nice. i'm really not. i'm really, really not. i can be. i certainly strive to be. but if you push the right button, you get a glimpse of the meanness i do my best to mask. so after the next person had read her work, and two of the others had offered their commentary, that writer turned her attention to me and said, okay, jenn. kill it. because that's what she expects of me. that's what line editing does. but i said i didn't have anything to add. she didn't believe me and prompted me to contribute. so i said i just had line edits. and that's what editors are for. that last bit, those are the words i tossed back. the friend with whom i'd had the disagreement, she left. what i'm grateful for is how the other two writers came to my defense afterward, how they'd bolstered my spirits, how they'd insisted that my critiques were valuable, necessary tools. i let them gush for a few minutes. i let them love me, and i'm immensely grateful that they do.

and then i read my thirteen pages, and they gushed over those. and then we screwed around with snapchat for a few.

also, i'm grateful for clonazepam.

by the way, the friend with whom i'd had the disagreement, i know of that game splendor because of her. i'm playing it this week because she lent me hers.

i'm grateful i could order the thing on amazon so i can return hers. i'm grateful there was money in the bank so i could.

friday. toasted english muffins topped with jam from my great uncle's monastery (once upon a time the monks made their own... i miss that. the stuff i've got now's pretty good. the stuff they made then was so much better). coca-cola.

this blog (yeah, i'm grateful for my own shit) and others in the blogosphere. thank you for raising your voices.

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  1. Sounds like a nice week. I saw Beauty and the Beast last weekend and really loved it. Yay for meeting a blog friend in person. :) I'm glad you are enjoying The Peaceful Posse group - me too! That's how I found your post actually.


  2. You're me hero for wearing heels! I work from home so my uniform is leggings and slippers, but when I worked in an office I never wore them and the last time I did was at a wedding and I totally fell. Hard. In front of lots of people!

    I also love The Peaceful Posse and that's how I found you! :)

  3. Sounds like a pretty good week overall! Thanks for sharing. And btw - I think line edits are key.

  4. I really want to see Beauty and the Beast, I'm hoping I can get there soon. And while I'm sorry you didn't get the job, I agree I am glad they at least called you, I always hate when interviewing for a job and they promise to call either way and then don't!

  5. So glad to have you link up with us! What a fun list (and that video! I totally agree, that the word itself looks as though it's missing a LOT of letters based on the actual pronunciation of the town!).

    clonazepam <That stuff? Works wonders. #Justsayin'

    I really want to see Beauty and the Beast. And so cool you went to a ZZ Top show, scored free tix, and got to hang out with a blog friend :)

    Have a great weekend!! XOXO