tuesday topics: ten oscar flicks

March 28, 2017

today, i have for you ten of my favorite oscar-award-winning films. if by some chance you've not seen these, i highly recommend you watch them. now.

a beautiful mind
winner: best picture (brian grazer and ron howard); director (howard); adapted screenplay (akiva goldsman); supporting actress (jennifer connelly).
nominee: actor (russell crowe); film editing (mike hill and daniel p. hanley); original score (james horner); makeup (greg cannom and colleen callaghan).

good will hunting
winner: best original screenplay (matt damon and ben affleck); supporting actor (robin williams).
nominee: picture (lawrence bender); director (gus van sant); best actor (damon); supporting actress (minnie driver); original music score (danny elfman); film editing (pietro scalia).

the help
winner: best supporting actress (octavia spencer).
nominee: best picture (chris columbus, brunson green, michael barnathan); actress (viola davis); supporting actress (jessica chastain).

the lord of the rings: the return of the king
winner: best picture (barrie osborne, peter jackson and fran walsh); director (jackson); adapted screenplay (walsh, phillipa boyens and jackson); production design/art direction-set decoration (grant major, dan hannah and alen lee); film editing (jamie selkirk); visual effects (jim rygiel, joe letteri, randall william cook and alex funke); makeup (richard taylor and peter king); original score (howard shore); sound mixing (christopher boyes, michael semanick, michael hedges and hammond peek); costume design (ngila dickson and richard taylor); original song (walsh, shore and annie lennox).

memoirs of a geisha
winner: best production design (john myre and gretchen rau); cinematography (dion beebe); costume design (colleen atwood).
nominee: original score (john williams); sound mixing (kevin o'connell, greg p. russell, rick kline and john pritchett); sound editing (wylie stateman).

winner: best actor (tom hanks); original song (bruce springsteen).
nominee: original screenplay (ron nyswaner); makeup (carl fullerton and alan d'angelo); original song (neil young).

saving private ryan
winner: best director (steven spielberg); cinematography (janusz kaminski); film editing (michael kahn); sound editing (gary rydstrom and richard hymns)
nominee: picture (spielberg, ian bryce, mark gordon and gary levinsohn); original screenplay (robert rodat); actor (tom hanks); production design/art direction-set decoration (thomas e. sanders and lisa dean); original score (john williams); makeup (lois burwell, conor o'sullivan and daniel striepeke).

schindler's list
winner: best picture (steven spielberg, gerald r. molen and branko lustig); director (spielberg); adapted screenplay (steven zaillian); production design/art direction-set decoration (allan starski and ewa braun); film editing (michael kahn); cinematography (janusz kaminski); original score (john williams).
nominee: actor (liam neeson); supporting actor (ralph fiennes); sound (andy nelson, steve pederson, scott millan and ron judkins); costume design (anna sheppard); makeup (christina smith, matthew mungle and judith cory).

the silence of the lambs
winner: best picture (edward saxon, kenneth utt and ronald m. bozman); director (jonathan demme); adapted screenplay (ted tally); actor (anthony hopkins); actress (jodi foster).
nominee: film editing (craig mckay); sound (tom fleischman and christoper newman).

star wars: episode v - the empire strikes back
winner: visual effects, special achievement award (brian johnson, richard edlund, dennis muren and bruce nicholson); best sound (bill varney, steve maslow, gregg landaker and peter sutton).
nominee: production design/art direction-set decoration (norman reynolds, leslie dilley, alan tomkins and michael ford); original score (john williams).

what are your favorites? share them with me!


  1. I bet this was oh-so-difficult for you to narrow down. Mine was, and I'm not the film buff you are. A couple of 'em made my list.

  2. Oh, man... good list! When I started working on my list, I was absolutely overwhelmed. That's why I had to give myself a certain time frame to work within to help narrow it down.

    Love Good Will Hunting, The Help, Memoirs of a Geisha, Philadelphia, and Silence of the Lambs. I won't say I love Schindler's List, but I think it's a worthwhile movie to see and that one image of the little girl in the red coat still haunts me to this day.

  3. Fun - you took from different categories. Opens it up so much wider. I loved The Help. So glad they did the book justice on that one.

  4. So far I've read three of these lists for your link up and they've all been different! I love that!

  5. I love your list!!

  6. Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh. You lost me at Star Wars and LOTR. Haha! I love the rest, but haven't seen Memoirs of a Geisha and probably really need to. Such a fun blog post idea!

  7. I don't know what to think about ABM. I like Connelly. But I kind of didn't get the point. He was smart and he had a mental issue?

    GWH was good, but kind of a one-timer.

    I thought The Help was racist when I first saw the commercials, because I didn't know it was a period piece.

    R of the K was good, but I thought F of the R was better.

    Haven't seen Memoirs of a Geisha.

    Haven't seen Philadelphia or Schindler's List. Both seem like p.c. Oscar bait. In the Name of the Father is one of my favorite films ever, so I'm kind of pissed it didn't win.

    Saving Private Ryan is another one I haven't seen.

    Silence is a good one. Good book, good lead actors.

    ESB is good. But I'd rank them IV, VI, V. Then III, I, II.