tuesday topics: the next batch

March 7, 2017

so the singular outfit post was the last for this particular series of tuesday topics. i'd like to continue this series, if i may. lauren has given me the go ahead to do so and has relinquished the title of co-host. i'm a little anxious to be taking this on myself, but hopefully, i'll get a few participants who'll play along from time to time.

i typically spend tuesdays cramming for that night's bible study discussion and lecture. and of course, that cramming commences at my usual spot at pappadeaux's bar. every now and then i'd take a break to toss about ideas for future tuesday topics with my bartending friends. and then i went to bible study and came up with a couple of other ideas. and then i sat down to write this post and came up with a few more. here's the thing... i'm not setting this list in stone just yet. spring break's coming (at least, it is in these here parts), and i'm not looking to start the next round of topics until march twenty-eighth. i'm offering yall the chance to chip in and suggest topics that you'd love to discuss. for the moment, though, the list looks like this:

ten. best oscar-award winning films. i don't mean just best picture, here. there's twenty-some odd categories. if you've read much of picky in the past month or so, yall know i was on a tear. tell me what your favorites are. where did the academy get it right?

nine. sports stories: baseball. what are some of the best books and movies you've seen that revolve around the world of baseball? what makes them so awesome, aside from the fact that they're about america's greatest pasttime?

eight. favorite quotes from scripture. my friends say all the time that when they're reading the bible the words jump out at them. that's never really happened for me, but there are certainly passages i can appreciate. if there are phrases that have jumped out at you, that have moved you, share those. i'd love to know them.

seven. budget tips. because who doesn't need help with that? besides dave ramsey, of course. and god.

six. favorite poems. six of'm! yeah. six. for poetry, month, yall. surely you can find six.

five. favorite cocktails. this one's pretty self-explanatory, i think.

four. favorite film soundtracks. this one, too.

three. ways to deny yourself. during the lenten season, those who celebrate it are called to give something up, to sacrifice. we were in a different room at bible study this week. in it, i saw on a piece cloth hanging from a podium some bit of scripture from matthew, i think, saying something about deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me. all my life i've focused on the word deny in that phrase. i've thought of the thing i should sacrifice, the thing i should refuse. the thing i should give up. but that night, i also thought of the film hitch, and that scene near the end in which will smith's character's talking to eva mendes' and her friend's, saying that he helps people get out of their own way. how can you get out of yours? how can you shift the focus from yourself to others? what are three things you can do to be a more humble servant, if you will. maybe not of god, because i know not all of us believe in him. one of my best friends is an atheist. he's also one of the most selfless guys i know. so... how can you be more selfless? how can you be a better friend to those around you?

two. podcasts. some of yall may be hugely in to these things. i've not listened to a single one. the atlantic composed a list of the fifty best podcasts from last year. i'll be checking those out over the next few days.

one. thing that scares you. eleanor roosevelt said do one thing every day that scares you. if you're even a smidge like me, there's more than one thing that scares you. what's one of them? go do the thing. combat the fear.

if yall're good with these, we'll roll in three weeks. if not, i'm open to suggestions, and we'll start april fourth. thanks.


  1. I'm in. I may not participate in every one and I may be a little late to the party with others, but I'm definitely in.

  2. SO glad you're doing this again! I'll definitely be participating in a few- already marked them in my planner! Oddly enough I've had the soundtracks one sitting in draft form for a little over a year haha.

  3. I'll keep my eye out when this starts. As I've said, my routine has been jumbled, but you know I like to participate when I can.

  4. So Erin sent me your way & this is totally up my alley... so I'm just curious how it works. Do you do a new topic every Tuesday & link up - or all of these in one post?