tuesday topics: the next batch - an update

March 21, 2017

okay. so i made one adjustment: changed podcasts to ted talks because those things are generally awesome (and from what i can tell, they are available as podcasts, so... it's not tweaking too terribly much). this series will run each tuesday from march twenty-eighth through may thirtieth. the first tuesday, share your ten favorite oscar-award-winning (from any category) films. the following tuesday, share nine favored baseball flicks and/or books. the next is eight passages from scripture you most appreciate... and so on and so forth... down to the one thing that scares you (but you can't just talk about that one. you have to conquer it and show us how you did it. yeah.) i hope yall will play along.


  1. Oh this is fun! I have to seriously catch up on my movies to participate--but I love Ted talks but need recommendations! :)

  2. You know I'm terrible with weekly link-ups, but I can see a few that I'll be participating in. Plus, I shared with a couple of people who I know will be interested in a couple of specific posts. Hope they participate!

  3. Fun! I haven't been the best blogger lately, but I'm gonna do my best to linkup!