mismatch monday

March 26, 2017

this week on the cupid... twenty-four guys, ages twenty-one to fifty-seven, viewed my profile this week. with the exception of luv17tru who hails from massachusetts, they're from texas. pictures are typical, so i'm not gonna comment on that except to say that one guy's got a shot of him tackling a calf in some rodeo. yeehaw. i got four messages, but one of them came from a dude who's now emailed me three times.

february nineteenth. half-past noon.
good afternoon how are you today

march thirteenth. quarter 'til noon.
good morning how are you today

march twenty-first. half past five p.m.
good afternoon

i'd responded to the first and not gotten a reply. i responded to the last, too:
so you've written me one-line emails three times now. i'm curious to know whether you're capable of writing other words?

i didn't get a response to that one, either. but then i don't want one, which is why i wrote what i did. i sincerely hope never to receive a thing from that dude again.

i'm bored. but then, also... i forget how much dating messes with my head, and i don't like it when it does that, so the boredom's actually preferable. how sad is that?

also... george lucas had to make a character like han solo. who could possibly be as badassed as that guy?

my appreciation for him was born right around the time i became addicted to coca-cola, so for four decades, i've been trying to find a dude that cool. yeah. i know. it's never gonna happen.


  1. Han Solo was the best. Sigh.
    I love LOVE that you're direct like that. You need to be. Have to weed out those boys. Now that one who is tackling a calf? Is he trying to look tough? Because tackling a calf is basically like tackling a puppy to me. I dunno.

  2. I started reading your post and didn't understand and then I was like, oh, DUH ME! She is online dating. Been there done that. It made me a crazy person. I ended up with a good one(that my family thinks I met at a restaurant. Story for another time). Good luck to you sweets!

  3. Good for you for being direct! People act differently online than they would to your face. Try not to let it mess with you, I have friends who have met their spouses online - it's possible.