mismatch monday

March 19, 2017

fifteen guys viewed my profile this past week, ranging in ages from twenty-seven to fifty-seven. a couple of'm are ones who've viewed it in the past, but i'd changed my profile picture, and they probably didn't bother to read the username that went along with it. all but two of'm are from texas. one's from louisiana. one's from japan. profile pics are the usual fare, with the exception of n2nvrmor. his is this:

this is the guy from louisiana. he's forty-two. that is the only photo he's posted. he describes himself as easy-going and is seeking women ages twenty-eight to seventy for short and long-term dating and new friends. he does not think smoking is disgusting and is one of those cursed beings: a morning person.

three of those dudes made an effort, if you could call it that, to contact me. the message with the greatest word count was: hi are you interested in a younger guy?? this from the twenty-seven-year-old. i turn forty-four in about a week. nearly two decades younger is a bit much for me, so i'm gonna have to say no.

in those few instances in which you come across the profile of a guy who seems to be alright, you check the questions he's answered.

which of the following gender descriptions are you most attracted to?

did you join okcupid just so you could find people to have sex with?

do you want your partner to be kinkier than you?

do you have a desire (even if it's secret) to take part in activities involving bondage?
absolutely not.

are you fetish-friendly?
not sure/don't really know what they are.

it's not the answers that bother me. it's that he even acknowledged these and other similar questions. somebody's BORED.

okay. so i was bored and went through answering some (the ones that didn't make me cringe) of the six thousand questions this particular dude's answered. i stopped when i got to this one:

would you consider role-playing a rape fantasy if your partner asked you to?

i answered it because WHAT THE HELL KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT, and how exactly did this dude respond?




  1. Brilliant idea for a post! So interesting to get to see exactly who is looking...

  2. Oh wow...what a strange question to have? At least you've got the opportunity to spot the red flags nice and early!

  3. I know "rape fantasy" exists...and you know me, I don't like to judge people...but...I ain't got any interest in someone who wants to role play "rape fantasy".

  4. I had no idea that that was actually a fantasy thing - and why am I not surprised that that is a thing.
    2017, what a time to be alive.
    Douchebag indeed.