mismatch monday

March 13, 2017

according to the cupid, i'm an eighty percent match with one of the dudes in my double take pile, which is kind of like swiping right or left on tinder.

first off... in the top right of his profile, it states he's looking for single men. okee dokee.

second... i give props to the guy for owning himself. i do. and god knows cupid's one of those places to go for the obscure. the thing is... i'm comfortable with the amount of obscurity that is in my life at present. so please understand when i share some of this man's profile text with you, i am not sharing it to ridicule his sexual preferences. i've got a great amount of respect for a guy who can fess this up. i just don't want to play those particular games, thanks...

simple please message me if you like me i am not a member so can't see who has looked at me. (this isn't true.) also if i messaged you just tell me thanks but no thanks instead of leaving me hanging. at least i take the time to message you after reading your profile. thank you.

so lately i will get likes and then i like back (its a match) at least what okc says. so i send message at least saying hello but when i get back not interested. i think wtf either okc is messing up or you like to fast or whatever reason. but i want to thank those who write back but like i said see beginning of profile. i am not. member nd if your truly interested then shoot me a message of you dont might be a long time befor i see if we match by then your frustrated and got off okc. thank you.

take me as a i am or let me be.

thanks for at least looking at my profile, love to chat and make new friends, if my interest are not your interest dont let that stop you for making a new friend.

figure this sums me up. short and sweet.

i am a crossdresser, kinky bisexual, poly and open-minded person. i have a lot of fetishes and i am polyamorous. i also like older women.

ok i am looking for other people who are into the bdsm/bondage lifestyle are you there.

i kind of feel like the first five paragraphs of his text should be deleted, with the exception of the third one.

i used to be the kind of person who would respond to every message i received, even if i weren't interested: thank you for the email. i appreciate and am flattered by the interest. however, i don't feel as though we're a good match. (sometimes i would list the reasons why.) good luck in your search. and i'd get some damned nasty responses. so i stopped being kind and started ignoring people. it's not something i like to do... but when i'm met with messages like these two i got this week: how r u? and what about a fwb? no. i'm not acknowledging either of them. why should i?

i feel like this ninety-nine percent of the time... unless there's heights involved... also, this must be why i'm an eighty percent match with that one.

also of note, the man who said see?!?! my okcupid account is out of storage. in effect useless. i delete useless things. what would have happened if i hadn't informed you of impending doom? (mentioned in this post). he was in my double take pile, too. different username, of course. different mugs. different profile text. same douchebag. i accidentally clicked the wrong button, which made him a match. so then i sent him an email: so you delete useless things...

this week on the cupid... twenty-two dudes, all from texas and ranging in ages from twenty-nine to fifty-seven, viewed my profile. most of them had their faces in their mugshots. the other profile pics are the usual shit.. naked chests and whatnot. one of them has a picture of himself standing on some deck with lots of pretty trees in the background, but in place of his face is a sizable white dot. 

i got four messages, the best one being what is one word that would describe you? from thirty-four-year-old gr8tmn4u from la porte. he's pretty fond of his abs. he also had the lowest match percentage -- zero. the highest, eighty-three percent, belongs to a forty-year-old in spring whose username is 76imagen. he was the only one in my double take batch that i intentionally clicked that i liked. maybe because in his profile he'd written, how come no one ever says, 'i'm uptight, and have no sense of humor'? this made me laugh. also in the i'm really good at section, he'd written: celebrating obscure, and sometimes fictitious holidays in unusual ways. also he can speak ancient greek... i've never known anyone who could say that... on the welcome page, the feed shows you who's updated their profiles. some dude named moghulazzam just updated his to read i'm in an open relationship now! oh, goody! i was so hoping to see this...

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