tuesday topics: three things going on in my life

February 21, 2017

one. the world's worst case of sinusitis. or something. i'm a little worried it's something more serious. the friend i work out with at the gym, which i haven't been going to the past couple of weeks because i tried to be a badass and do dips like everybody else with my feet straight out in front of me instead of bent which fucked something up in my chest (like i really needed that to happen right now), she has a shirt that says everything hurts and i'm dying. i feel kind of like that. i cough, and the only thing that comes up is this excruciating pain in my neck and head and this horrible metallic taste in my mouth. i'm wheezing, so i cough. so basically everything from my belly button up, front and back, is rebelling. i've been to a clinic twice now. the first time they prescribed amoxicillin and a steroid pack. the day i finished the amoxicillin is the day i did the damned dips. the trainer went through some exercises with me to check my upper mobility and then he sent me to the chiropractor, who said i'd strained something, probably in my chest plate. it felt more like something had been rolling, like a dowel rod turning, but whatever. the next day, i started coughing up red and brown phlegm. good times. back to the clinic. levaquin and the counsel that if i wasn't better when i finished that, i needed to see an ent. phlegm's clearish now. but i'm in a heck of a lot of pain. i'm going to my doctor tomorrow. i would've gone to him first, but a visit with him costs more and it's harder to get an appointment. i know. yall are kinds of thrilled that i shared that. but really, that's the most exciting thing going on with me right now. which is more than a little sad.

two. job hunting. this is the most depressing thing going on with me right now. i think i have one more month to find work before i lose my unemployment benefits. i can't even get a potential employer to contact me for an interview.

three. on a happier note when i step on the scale i'm in the high one sixties, when around christmas time i was in the low one eighties. so there's good news, yeah?

what's going in your world? share with lauren and me!


  1. 2. Maybe you should write a novel.

    3. Impressed, and a bit jealous.

  2. Lordy be... Hope the sinusitis/strain/combo? heals/goes away soon and you start feeling better. Best of luck on the job search. Very good news about the scale!

  3. OMG you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon! What kind of job are you looking for? But great news about the scale! I hope to soon follow in your footsteps there!

  4. That sounds awful! And I hate it when meds actually make you worse. I guess that's why doctors say they're "practicing" medicine. What did the dr say? I hope you're feeling better, or at least on your way! And yay for #3! That's awesome!