tuesday topics: five strengths

February 6, 2017

one. high tolerance for pain. the fourth surgery i had was on my left knee to repair wonky ligaments and tendons. it involved slicing a bit of the bone in my calf, screwing the fragmented piece onto a different spot and cutting and reattaching the tendon to it, then taking some lasers to the ligaments in my knee. good times. surgery doesn't scare me, and the pain? meh. they give you drugs. lots and lots of drugs... like morphine and vicodin. that said... the first words i said to my father when i came to were daddy, whatever could i have been thinking of? 

i walked around for god knows how long with an abscess the size of my thumbnail in my lower jaw. when it finally began hurting, i medicated it with advil and orajel. a couple of years later i got another one, right next door to where the first one was. didn't feel it. didn't know it was there. in both instances i had to have a tooth yanked out. good times.

two. compassion. i don't like seeing people hurt. their pain hurts me more than mine does.

three. communication skills. i'm better with the written word than i am with the spoken one, but... you put me behind a cash register and tell me to sell some memberships or open some charge accounts or establish some gift registries, i can have a customer signing on the dotted line in seconds. you need five hundred words on why juvenile batten disease is some wicked, wicked shit? i'm your girl.

four. generosity. i like giving. you need ten bucks to get you some food because you're starving and your bank account's overdrawn? i feel you. here's a twenty. go get you some grub.

five. tenacity. i started hearing how i didn't matter at age eight. ridicule was a relentless tide that battered the jagged, brittle bones of my body for more than three decades. i'm softer in places because of it. i'm stronger in others.

share yours with lauren and me!


  1. I also don't like seeing people hurting.

  2. Those are beautiful strengths for a beautiful girl!