three things

February 8, 2017

three things i'd never give up: my love for fiction, film and football; bread and butter; profanity

three favorite vegetables: green bell peppers; green beans; broccoli

three shows i watched faithfully from beginning to end: the west wing; ncis; the unusuals

three places i want to visit inside the united states: hawaii; nashville, tennessee; boston, massachusetts

three places i want to visit outside the united states: austria, ireland, greece

three things i always have with me: freckles; scars; sinus pressure

three things that are always in my car: music; papers; pens

three most recent phone calls were to/from: i don't have my phone on me at the moment. i'll come back to this one.

three books i read and loved in college: daring to dream, holding the dream and finding the dream by nora roberts

three most often used makeup products: clinique's breeze beyond perfecting foundation and concealer, black high impact mascara and surprise lipstick

three things that make me laugh: 

three things that make me cry: loneliness; madness; powerlessness

three things i frequently forget: to moisturize; to empty the pool's skimmer basket; to use my inside voice

three errands i love to run: putting things in the mail; grabbing food; picking up books for my parents

three restaurants i want to try: the breakfast klub; the grove; yard house

three famous people i'd like to meet: jenny lawson; rainbow rowell; ellen degeneres

three famous people i'd like to avoid: matthew mcconaughey; ethan hawke; ben affleck

three things i recommend: schedule an appointment with dr. devin pettiet or dr. shawn mchone at tomball chiropractic spine and rehab center; the noon cross fit class at lyft athletics; the hot turkey melt at tony's italian delicatessen. but that's local stuff... handwritten letters; care packages; the bloggess' second annual booksgiving

three books i loved in the elementary/junior high days: a wrinkle in time by madeline l'engle; beezus and ramona by beverly cleary; tales of a fourth grade nothing by judy blume

three things i always look forward to: summer in utah; the start of football season; food

three things i always dread: sleeping when i'm home alone; madness; first dates

erin did this three thing the other day; she borrowed it from steph, who did it in october and november.


  1. So your favorite vegetables are all green?

    Your avoid list is a bit unexpected.

    Why are you a Packers fan if you live in Texas?

  2. my husband and me just start watching ncis