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February 28, 2017

oh, good lord. she's posting again. yes. yes, i am. do you know why? because tomorrow begins my least favorite month of the year, so i'm probably not going to blog much. we'll see. if i don't, yall'll have plenty to keep you busy, lots of picky posts to peruse until i'm over the worst of the fucking winter humps. that's the thing with depression; it either makes you immerse yourself in something or be void of it entirely... and the something can be anything. i should be immersing myself in my story or in job hunting, but this is where i'm happiest, tinkering with this here page, barraging -- god, that's a funny word -- yall with a seemingly endless stream of rants and raves.

speaking of raves... let's get to this thing, shall we?

five things i love that i know you will love and are very much in need of having in your life. two of the most important things in my life are pens and paper, and not just any pen or paper.

some might say the best pen is one of those that cost a shit ton of money and has the gold trim and is heavy as fuck. no. no. NO. the best pen is made by officemax (which merged with officedepot, you know... the two biggest office supply stores in the country joining forces to outlast rival staples? capitalism in action... anyway... i don't give a shit about that. i give a shit about these pens). the brand is called tul. the ones you want are the seven millimeter, medium point gel retractables in blue. they come in packs of twelve. you do NOT want the ball points. you do NOT want the seven millimeter needle points. they suck. trust me on this. black is boring. the blue is beautiful. and fluid. and just the right amount of ink on the page. they are lightweight and easy to grip, so if you're writing for hours, like i should be doing, your fingers don't hurt when you're done, which of course should be the most important thing, but really, i'm in love with the ink. it makes my words look so pretty.

i don't give my pens away often, but when i do, you can bet your ass the recipients are in love with the things in a matter of seconds. it's like johnny depp as hunter s. thompson in fear and loathing in las vegasboy, this is really a nice pen, man. yes. YES, it is.

which brings us to the paper. i got tired of white. it, too, is boring. i do not like thin paper. i do not like legal pads with shitty perforation so that when you tear the things, you get fucked up, frayed edges or worse, huge tears. if i'm going to ruin the pages with lame words, as beautiful as they may appear because of that lovely ink, then by god, i'm going to do it on paper that can withstand the abuse. you want tops docket gold letter-sized, regular-ruled legal pads. they are amazing. 


they make me like writing when i am stuck. they make me like writing when i'm in a funk. they make me like writing, yall. because sometimes i don't, but even then, a fresh pad and a fresh pen... they are beautiful things.

erin's giving away books. i recommend you go have a look. that would be the third thing.

the fourth thing would be participating in march's scavenger hunt. i have been out of work for seven months. i am having a hell of time even knocking on a door loud enough so that someone could respond to my query for consideration. that, paired with the time of year -- because fall and winter, starting in october, they are generally shitty things and can't go by quickly enough -- i am immensely grateful to my friends for they have been the only light i can see lately. these scavenger hunts are helping me to appreciate life when doing so has proven to be a hell of a challenge. plus, they help me put some good in the world. yall should try your hand at them. i want gobs of people doing these things. i'm greedy. it's not one of my better qualities.

lastly... fiction and film. i read nina lacour's we are okay the other day and enjoyed it. it's weird in places. but it's a good story, it's beautifully written, and best of all, it reads fast. i am convinced ruth negga got robbed in the oscars the other day. ain't no way emma stone gave a better performance than she. so if you've not seen her in loving, go watch that. it's an amazing story. and her character, she's an amazing woman. (apparently i'm fond of the word amazing. i blame one of my friends. it's practically the only word she uses; i've been spending a lot of time with her.) also watch life as a house. it stars kevin kline, kristin scott thomas, hayden christiansen, jena malone, mary steenburgen, ian somerhalder and scott bakula. it's the kind of story that'll make you like life again.

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  1. I appreciate a love of office supplies. I think I actually got some Tul pens years (years!) ago at Best Buy, of all places... like I had a $5 reward zone thing and needed nothing so I grabbed a pack of pens. They may still be around - I need to go look. I got a notebook at work and had to compliment the production manager on the paper's thickness. Not everyone gets that. I haven't seen Life as a House in forever - it's due for a rewatch. I hope things look up for you in March. Thanks for linking up!

  2. STOP IT RIGHT NOW WITH THESE GOD DAMN TUL PENS!!!! How freaking amazing are they?! I have them in black but I need them in blue because blue. OMG. If I could marry a freaking pen, these are it. So glad you posted about these.

  3. i recently ordered some Pilot Hi-Tec C Japanese imports from Amazon. Needle point so they dry fast because I'm a lefty. What's the smear factor on these Tul pens. Please make up a smear factor scale and rate accordingly lol.