tuesday topics: ten resolutions

January 2, 2017

one. find work i enjoy that suits my talents and skills set and provides financial stability.
two. complete the final revisions to my manuscript; attain literary representation.
three. write six letters per month, and never to the same person twice.
four. complete the sixty day minimalism challenge.
five. complete six bible studies.
six. complete prior lists and both the regular and bonus rounds of erin's book challenge.
seven. complete prior lists and both the regular and bonus rounds of the next fall film challenge.
eight. eliminate coca-cola and dr. pepper from my diet.
nine. exercise for a minimum of thirty minutes at least three times a week.
ten. lose thirty-six pounds by december thirty-first.

share your resolutions with lauren and me! 


  1. I love how creative your goals are and that they span a wide range of areas. I'm reading through Savor this year and really want to follow through with it daily.

  2. Love reading your new years resolutions. I will have to tell you it was so hard to think of tens. Since I only normal have 4. So it will be interesting to see if I can keep mine up.

    Happy New Year!

  3. 1. Finishing your novel would hopefully solve this problem.
    3. You might want to rethink this one. Getting one random letter might annoy some people.
    5. a. Judas and Peter both betrayed Jesus. Whose betrayal was worse?
    b. Which woman of the Bible do you most admire? Which do you most relate to? (Excluding Mary, because that would be too easy.)
    c. In what reasonable ways can the Good Samaritan story inspire you in your daily life?
    d. How is the modern world still dealing with similar problems to those described in the Tower of Babel story?
    e. Discuss David's positive and negative traits.
    f. Solomon chose wisdom. What would you have chosen?
    9. Yes.
    10. Good luck.

  4. Those all look like very good goals! Best of luck!!