tuesday topics: six favored posts

January 31, 2017

so picky's been around for almost twelve years now. HOLY CRAP. now you're checking the sidebar for proof of this statement, right? that first post and so many others from the first years of blogging have bought it. once upon a time i had over a thousand posts, and i went through and did some serious culling so that number was reduced by more than half. i never let get it over six hundred now, and after having reviewed posts today, i will be doing some more culling soon.

i asked my friend erin which posts she most loved, and she mentioned three: if you don't stand for something (my thoughts on colin kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem); one about bullying that did not survive the culling, but there is this other one that deals with that; and a much, much older post, one of the first i'd written that gave me some sense of pride in having written it called a truth universally acknowledged

i looked at picky's stats to see which posts have garnered the most attention: the fall film challenge of sixteen; today's a fucking ugly day (about the time i resigned myself to getting on meds... again... not a pretty post); and me before you (my thoughts on the book).

but this is supposed to be about the six posts i love most.

one. a truth universally acknowledged. because this one was a hard one for me to write. it's one of the first ones i wrote that i actually invested thought and effort, one of the first ones i loved.

two. poetry. i think this one's pretty self-explanatory.

three. fifty reasons to live and its counterpart fifty different reasons. i think this one's pretty self-explanatory, too.

four. the five most difficult things about writing (from an incredibly amateurish perspective). people like to think writing's a cakewalk. good times all around. everybody thinks they can do it, but it's a hell of a lot harder than you think.

five. an army of one. this one's about two things: an article i read in a local paper and a woman i met at a gas station.

six. the pejoration of privilege. this one was prompted by news of a couple, flying from sacramento to dover, being booed by those in first class because the pilot had opted to let that couple deplane first, before them.

share your favorites with lauren and me!


  1. Oh yes, that last one is another great one too that I remember without even having to look at it for a refresher. And, of course, I know the poetry one too. And the 50 reasons posts. I was proud of you for those. Good list. Sadly, I couldn't come up with 6 for me :( But, I might still work on it anyways.

  2. I love your lists for the reasons to live posts. Great posts!