tuesday topics: nine healthy recipes

January 9, 2017

okay. you picky readers should know by now, but if not, here's a friendly reminder: i don't cook. i loathe cooking. i hate the mess, before and after. i hate how long you spend preparing something that takes one-twentieth of the time to eat. why go through all that trouble when there are perfectly good restaurants (like pappadeaux's) within five minutes of your home? and before you say because deaux's is expensive, i can eat there for six bucks and some change. why? because the bartenders love me and know i'm almost always broke (probably because i'm at deaux's a little too often).

nine recipes. nine. oi. vey. lauren picked this topic. just saying.

buffalo cauliflower bites
i went to the facebook: so i'm supposed to blog about nine healthy recipes next week. the only things i know how to make either don't require a stove/oven or the major ingredients are pasta and/or cheese.

and my friends came back with things like smoothies, whole grains, sweet potato toasts and soups, salads, simple foods. okay. simple's opening a can of green beans, pouring them in a bowl and nuking it for a minute. that's my kind of cooking. one of my friends said: you can't get recipes from sitting at the bar. i know. that's why i sit at the bar.

one of my friends likes to cater things. she texted me with a link to real housemoms' buffalo cauliflower bites. she said they are tasty and at least less fat than wings (which there is NO substitute for). i've made these, and they get rave reviews. 

chicken yakatori
another friend sent a link for cooking light's staff favorites. one hundred six recipes from which to choose. surely eight of them would pique my interest.

were i tempted to cook, and yall, the last thing i cooked was chicken spaghetti, and that was like a year ago, these would be the things at which i'd most likely take a stab.

chicken yakatori. it needs more broccoli. and maybe some bell peppers and water chestnuts. but this one looks easy enough. i could probably manage it.

waffle iron turkey melt panini
waffle iron turkey melt panini. i'm sure we've got a waffle iron somewhere in this house.

whole-grain spelt and cornmeal biscuits. i've no idea what spelt is. i'm not entirely sure i want to know. something tells me when it comes to eating healthier, not knowing is a very good thing. fine. i looked. apparently it's some sort of flour. (i'd probably just use what's in the house, which'd probably make'm very unhealthy.)

lemon-herb risotto with shrimp and haricots verts. those last two words? i'm not looking them up. don't tell me. i'll just serve it with broccoli or something.

mustard-glazed salmon
chicken pot pie skillet pizza. of the things, this one holds the most appeal for me. chicken pot pie and pizza. what could possibly be bad about that?

breakfast strata
mustard-glazed salmon with horseradish potatoes. mustard. meh. and horseradish. yuck. but maybe it'd be alright. my mom would probably like it. and salmon's on that list of foods some doctor said i should eat more often.

spinach, bacon and gruyere breakfast strata. breakfast. yum. i could do breakfast all day. every day.

apple galette with vanilla yogurt drizzle. the yummiest-looking thing on the list. i'm gonna have mom make this. :]

share your favorite healthy recipes with lauren and me!


  1. Going to have to try a few of these recipes. I'm not going to lie. I pulled 8 old recipe from my blog for today post and share a new one to make the 9.

  2. Those buffalo cauliflower bites look amazing!