tuesday topics

December 13, 2016

once upon a time and with a fellow blogger's help, lauren had a linkup called tuesday topics. she and her cohost tiffany put out a list of the topics for the next ten tuesdays. it was the only linkup i participated in fairly regularly, and i was kind of bummed when those two ladies bid the thing farewell.

well, she and i are bringing that thing back, yall. come january third, she and i will be posting regularly on tuesdays, beginning with TEN new years resolutions. chances are good i can keep at least one of those, right? i'd love to see what kinds of things yall come up with and hope yall will play along.


  1. You can count me in on this.

  2. I am terrible with weekly link-ups (much better with monthly ones), but you know me, I will try! Plus, I like some of the prompts.