the worst day... and the best day

November 10, 2016

so this is what the sky looked like at approximately six p.m. on october seventh of 'fifteen in the woodlands, texas. this is what it looked like when i stepped out of pregnancy assistance center north after being tested for hiv and two other sexually transmitted infections, the results of which came back negative. thank god. so grateful was i that i just wanted to sit and look at the heavens for a while. and that sky, doesn't it look heavenly?

so that could've been one of the worst days for me. but it wasn't. instead my world looked like this.

i'm not too political. i hate talking that shit. politics and religion are personal preferences, and this is america, land of the free. we get to believe what we want. we get to say what we think. those are beautiful privileges, as stunning as the sky in these two photos. i was so in awe of the colors in that sunset, the softness of them that i pulled over onto the side of a VERY busy road to capture them.

if you look closely, you can see the congestion of rush hour traffic on the interstate. i'd rather look at the sky, though. i'd rather think there IS a god above, watching over me, no matter how much i might think he's been absent in my life... that day, as i sat on the sidewalk outside pacn, i was sure he was taking care of me. that sunset was a gift.

i'm tired of all the hate. and there is so much of it. i've enough of that in my head. the things i tell myself... the things i told myself before i'd gotten those test results that day... the things i've said since (because, of course, i'm still learning of the damage i've done for having been with him). there is so much ugliness in me, and it's so easy to spew that shit.

all the drivers on the road just then... how many of them do you think took a second to appreciate that sky? i'd imagine more of them were cursing at the cars that weren't moving. or chatting with their friends and family as they made their way home. i'd imagine they were more concerned with getting ahead of that one car that was crawling along...

look at how much the sky changed in those two photos.

barack obama was granted eight years to serve as president of these united states. he believed he could offer something of value. he said and did what he could to provide the american people what he thought was best.

for better or worse, donald trump has been given the opportunity to serve. maybe you didn't vote for him. maybe you did. either way, it's okay. if hillary clinton had been given the opportunity, i'd feel the same. these were our choices in the end. these were the candidates for president. this is how our democratic republic works. one winner, one loser.

i would hope we could find the courage and fortitude to look the sky, to consider how quickly things can change, to focus on what good can come of this. surely there must be some. i dare you to find it.

protesting... inciting fear... letting the hate and angst out... how does that make this better? how does that help you? how does that help those around you? how does it help this country? how are we honoring the privileges our government grants us?


  1. Very much agree! Stay positive and moving forward girl!

  2. Great imagery for looking at and appreciating the good instead of focusing on the bad.

  3. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Interesting story. I have had such days. Just recently, when I was going to move into a new home, I had problems with my car, then my kids started to cry and refused to move, it was the worst day. After that, my friends decided to help me, they called these guys to help me In the evening I ate in the new house with my family and friends, the children were happy, I was in harmony, and it made my day the best day. Here is such paradox day.