six weeks and counting

November 11, 2016

six weeks and two days. did you know that's how long you've got to get your christmas shopping done? i didn't. not really. i mean, i know it's november. i guess i should say i didn't think about it, because let's face it, there's been a more pressing matter that's commanding attention.

but you know what? i'm gonna think about christmas. i'm loving that mattie at northwest native has inspired me to do so. because yeah, let's get some christmas spirit up in this bitch. please.

let's practice being kind to one another. let's show some love, right? we're coming up on thanksgiving. isn't that what the holiday season's all about? instead of commiserating, can't we cheer each other up?

i'm gonna try to get done with shopping earlier this year so i can really enjoy the spirit of the season. i bought my wrapping paper the other day. i've gotten one gift down: a friend's getting an autographed copy of daniel kraus' the death and life of zebulon finch, volume one: at the edge of empire. it's about a zombie. this particular friend favors crap like army of darkness and evil dead. he will like it. how sad is it, though that i bought shit for a friend before buying anything for my family?

pretty soon my mom's going to be asking me what i want. i'm the only one in my family who's ever been good about making a list. and when i tell you list, i mean LIST. when i was a kid, i'd go through the best and jc penney catalogs. i'd mark the pages of the things that interested me. i'd write the details on a legal pad: the item, its sku, cost and page number. there would be pages and pages of gimmes. nowadays i type it into a word document, arranged by store... item, size if applicable, sku, cost... same shit, just not on as grand a scale. last year was the first year i didn't make a list. last year, i wasn't feeling particularly jolly, though (see previous post). i'm a little better now. i'll be making a list. :]


  1. Thanks for sharing our exchange! I only have a few Christmas presents purchased. I told myself I'd be on top of it early this year but I need to quit kidding myself because that will never ever happen! Ha!

  2. I remember making lists too! I LOVED when the huge JC Penney toy catalog would come. I would go through every single page and mark just what I wanted! My mom still asks for a list and now I just sent website links! :) I am ready for some Christmas cheer too!