with a little help from my friends...

October 19, 2016

on the writing front: for four weeks or so, my characters have barricaded me from their lives... or something. that crazy muse, the wench, hasn't let me spy on them so i can write about them, but yesterday with a little prodding and perspective from one of the gals in my writing group, i managed to eke out a page or two (yay!) on one of those scenes that was in need of a redo, and yall, i can tell when i'm finished with this particular one it's going to be awesome.

of course, she had to say if i don't hurry up and finish this beast, my story's going to be housed in the romance section. not that i'm opposed to that, but... i'd rather it go in fiction. so i spent the afternoon at pappadeaux's, tinkering with twitter and the manuscript wish list hashtag and reviewing my letters of rejection. there aren't that many... twenty-two. i'm a pansy. rejection's been the story of my life, and i don't really like adding to the number of times i've experienced it, but... twenty-two's nothing when you consider authors generally have been rejected HUNDREDS of times. i might not like being told my writing's for shit but... i can handle more than a couple of dozen occurrences of that.

anyway... the point is... one of the servers came by and asked what the list was. when i told him, he took my pen and wrote hit list at the top of the page. it made me laugh. like really laugh. it was good. and in that moment, i loved him for it. i need more people like that in my world. 

on the blogging front: last night i tinkered with the idea of pitching in a post for the back to blogging challenge hosted by alyssa goes bang. my friend erin had called my attention to it, and i almost wrote a post last night about the tenth prompt: what do you hope people receive from you? 

i'm a selfish pig, yall. in case you hadn't figured that out yet. a typical aries: me me me. the infant of the zodiac. i don't mind it because sometimes good things come of that. like the other night when i ordered a slice of pappadeaux's bananas foster cheesecake, which is a DAMNED FINE dessert and you should get you some if you can. it's a huge slice, though, and i didn't want the whole thing. so when some old man passed me and paused to ask what was that, i told him, and then i said he could have half of it. a) because i didn't want the whole thing; and b) i feel better when i'm being nice. apparently, no one had ever offered to split their dessert with the dude. he said i'd made his day. so that... for me, that's what i hope people take from me. that despite my selfishness and the darkness of the depression that plagues me, i'm capable of being a bright spot for someone somehow. which is, by the way, purely selfish of me. :]

like what i'm about to do... shine some light on some of those bloggers i follow. out of sheer boredom i'm doing this, which shames me to say, but.... yall, i'm glad i'm doing it because these folks really are pretty neat.

first up: i am in AWE of mary at home is where the boat is and her ability to set a table. she gets GUNG HO with it, yall. i love her spirit and how invested she is as celebrating a season, a holiday like halloween or making an ordinary day extraordinary. by the way, if that halloween decor isn't quite wicked enough for you, maybe this one's witchy enough.

i don't pop over to her blog nearly enough, but when i do i am always so glad i did because she brings such cheer to the world, really. thank god for people like her.

next... there's this guy who goes by the name elliptical man who blogs at the view from the third floor. he digs obscure things. sometimes he writes obscure things... and sometimes what he writes is pretty danged awesome. like that written in the post he calls notes.

if you're not like me, who can barely be bothered to reply to an email (i know. i suck. but TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU I READ THEM ALL.) let alone send a letter or card (but when i do, you can bet your ass i bought it from a hallmark store), and you've the inclination to make your own cards, amanda at house revivals has a neat tutorial on how to make a stepped card. i'm almost tempted to try my hand at that. almost.

one of the first blogs i started following is by heather at the spohrs are multiplying. this post of her children eating ice cream, incidentally published on my older brother's birthday (usually a sad day for me), made me smile.

so did simone's post taking stock (cos that's what i do when i've got writer's block) at great fun etc: adventures on life's rollercoaster. she's having a rough go of it right now, but even with that, she can find the beauty in her world. and hey, she's in new zealand. one of the things i love most about the blogisphere is it allows you to view the world of others far, far away. and sometimes, i even talk to them (though this is rare because i'm that antisocial wench who doesn't write back when people write her... again, i suck. i know). also... it's summertime over there, i believe. they can swim. i just get to look at the pretty pool in my back yard and think seven months, maybe... depending on how much it rains in april. jealous much? nah. not me. she gets to live in NEW ZEALAND, and i'm in suburban houston. yay. it used to be country. i liked it so much better when it was a forest. anyway...

then there's becky who posted on her blog about how beautiful it is in her neighborhood... because the trees where she is are orange and golden. pretty. yes. (ours are still green, by the way, though i have spotted some yellow... so we should see some pretty here next month.) she shared some really lovely quotes there, too.

lauren went to oregon's coast. it was rather gloomy there, but gorgeous nonetheless. she posts lots of recipes and things on her blog. for a broncos fan, she's alright. :]

so all you bloggers out there, thank you for what you do. i don't tell you often enough, if ever, but i love that you're there, that you share your world with the rest of us. reading your pages, reading about your lives helps me carry on with mine.


  1. I always enjoy when people share other bloggers' posts. It's a great way to find good stuff out there.

  2. Hey same to you! You are an inspiration to people! You are the kind of person that makes blogging great for me because we are a community! And I guess you are okay too...for a Pats fan. ;-)