this is probably just because i got done watching flashdance

October 3, 2016

or it could be because i caught this in my twitterverse today:

Benedict Cumberbatch: 'Sherlock' could end with season 4

no. just no. benedict cumberbatch does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me.

N O T H I N G. W H A T S O E V E R.

i didn't even like him as khan in star trek into darkness, but i suppose if somebody's gotta pick up ricardo montalban's racket or whatever, cumberbatch is the best choice. i mean, who else these days could pull that off? no one. still...

never have i seen a single episode of his portrayal as sherlock. why, might you ask?

because sherlock does nothing for me, either. unless it's robert downey jr.'s sherlock, then sure, i'll bite. but really? i go for watson. especially when it's jude law reading the lines. because yeah... there's a man with a good voice. cumberbatch's is just too... EH. but i could listen to jude law talk all. day. long. in fact, after i read that there tweet, i spent probably fifteen minutes watching clips of law as watson. because...

of course, i've no intention of seeing law portray a pope. what fun would that be? generally as a rule, the roles the man's chosen, the films are MEH. but... god gave me him as watson. i'm content.

don't do flashdance, by the way. if you must watch something from the eighties, check out one of these.


  1. First you insult Sherlock Holmes then you go after Flashdance.

    Clearly, you need to close your eyes and feel the rhythm.

  2. This is where you and I disagree. I love my Bendy. And I'm obsessed with Sherlock :)

  3. I can't think of one thing I've ever watched with Benedict C in it, but I still think he's a good Sherlock. I have no idea why. I've never seen him in Sherlock.