the fall film challenge: picky recommends-the second installment

July 9, 2016

nine. about an invention or an ingenuous individual.
apollo thirteen. creation. real genius. moneyball. a beautiful mind. the theory of everything. julie and julia. back to the future. willy wonka and the chocolate factory. the imitation game. iron man.

ten. set in a jail or prison.
incendies. sleepers. a time to kill. the count of monte cristo. the silence of the lambs. murder in the first. the shawshank redemption. dead man walking. the rock. 

eleven. about a dog.
marley and me. iron will. turner and hooch. eight below. the fox and the hound.

twelve. about loss.
beaches. steel magnolias. incendies. you're not you. about time. lone survivor. saving private ryan. the vow. dead poets society. life as a house. philadelphia. we bought a zoo. creation. marley and me. a river runs through it. we are marshall. the count of monte cristo. if i stay. people like us. what dreams may come. the family stone. love happens. the painted veil. a walk to remember. fried green tomatoes. the last samurai. one day. terms of endearment. woman in gold. charlotte gray. mr. magorium's wonder emporium. the notebook. a few good men. a good year. no reservations. five hundred days of summer. mystic river. step mom. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. ghost. regarding henry. extremely loud and incredibly close. he's just not that into you. premonition. the bourne identity. passengers. fifty first dates. p.s. i love you. catch and release. delores claiborne. big fish.

thirteen. about man vs. man.
lone survivor. sleepers. the lord of the rings trilogy. star wars: episodes four through six. the count of monte cristo. a time to kill. cinderella man. schindler's list. murder in the first. the shawshank redemption. a few good men. silence of the lambs. the great raid. seven. the help. philadelphia. the lincoln lawyer. saving private ryan. the last samurai. the usual suspects. full metal jacket. three:ten to yuma. donnie brasco. spy game. dead poets society. serenity. the client. tombstone. gangster squad. the pelican brief. heat. top gun. charlotte gray. the way way back. becket. turner and hooch. divergent. star trek. boondock saints. pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl. bad words. the princess bride. lethal weapon. real genius. die hard. young guns. ferris bueller's day off. labyrinth. anne of a thousand days.

fourteen. about man vs. nature.
iron will. cast away. eight below. 

fifteen. one that has a monster or monstrous individual.
interview with the vampire: the vampire chronicles. the terminator. the lord of the rings trilogy. terminator two: judgement day. the avengers. thor: the dark world. i am number four. thor: the dark knight. the harry potter series. star wars: episodes four through six. incendies. se7en. gangster squad. the silence of the lambs. the lincoln lawyer. a walk among the tombstones. the help. sleepers. the little mermaid. a time to kill. beauty and the beast. schindler's list. sleeping beauty. the three musketeers. star trek. snow white and the seven dwarves.

sixteen. shot or set in pennsylvania.
the avengers. philadelphia. marley and me. the silence of the lambs. dogma. twelve monkeys. the fault in our stars. the sixth sense. my girl. school ties. i am number four. unbreakable. 

seventeen. about a character's quest of some kind.
incendies. the secret life of walter mitty. lone survivor. saving private ryan. the lord of the rings trilogy. star wars: episodes four through six. the great raid. serenity. labyrinth. star trek. apollo thirteen. the never-ending story. master and commander: the far side of the world. pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl. the hunt for red october. twelve monkeys. the count of monte cristo. patton. the matrix. space cowboys. the harry potter series. salmon fishing in the yemen. dogma. x-men: days of future past. clash of the titans. thor: the dark world. a knight's tale. the terminator. life or something like it. terminator two: judgment day. captain america: the first avenger. smokey and the bandit. jay and silent bob strike back. tombstone. charlotte gray. the painted veil.  the hundred foot journey. woman in gold. chocolat. three: ten to yuma. field of dreams. ocean's twelve. chasing mavericks. sleepless in seattle. bad words. stand by me. the fault in our stars. stand by me. thor. little miss sunshine. boondock saints. 

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  1. At Close Range and Flashdance are both set in PA. The first two Rocky movies, plus parts of the next two. Also, Witness.