because the film challenge isn't a lofty enough goal

July 12, 2016


i have never finished my own damned film challenge. but that IS happening this year. it is.

today i learned that some dude made himself watch julie and julia every day for a year AND blog about it. i am not going to be doing that. one) because while i can appreciate that film, there is NO WAY IN HELL i'd want to see it more than five times. two) i'm doing my own damned film challenge AND erin's book challenge AND battling a heinous bout of depression and... blah blah blah. three) i have an exemplary tendency to obsess, but even i have my limits.

however, outside of the film challenge, the thought of testing myself to see how many times i could watch AND blog about one film intrigues me. and so i put these questions to you:

one) IF i could watch ONLY one movie for one year which of the following do you think i would pick: 

about time. apollo thirteen. the avengers. the count of monte cristo. dedication. dogma. the family stone. a few good men. five hundred days of summer. for love of the game. the great raid. good will hunting. the help. the hundred foot journey. jay and silent bob strike back. life as a house. life or something like it. lone survivor. the lord of the rings trilogy (the director's cut). marley and me. memoirs of a geisha. miracle. mr. magorium's wonder emporium. ocean's eleven. pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl. playing by heart. saving private ryan. seabiscuit. the secret life of walter mitty. serenity. sleepless in seattle. spy game. star trek. star wars: episodes four through six. steel magnolias. a time to kill. tombstone. trainwreck. when harry met sally. you've got mail.

two) how many times in that year do you think i would be capable of watching it?

i know. everbody does this, so why don't i? it's not meant to be trite or cliche, but i know full well that it is. i may not even do it. there's a part of me that cries out this has been done before, you silly girl. but the thing is, i haven't done it. i know there are films i've seen more than twenty times. easily, and a number of them. but i can't confirm the count.

i've seen star trek twenty times in theaters, a test to see if i could beat my record of watching pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl eighteen times. i did it. amazingly enough i can still watch those films, and happily. i never tire of them. but that's the thing... i never tire of film. i could watch star trek twenty times in a week, easily. assuming i had absolutely nothing else to do, of course. that said, i'm sure i could see any of the above films as many times.

so... which should i watch, and how often?

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  1. "Would" pick? Or "should" pick? That's two different questions, ma'am. I answered my guess at "would" pick, so I'll answer what I think you "should" pick...there's a few that are fighting for that honor, but I'm going to say...Good Will Hunting.