book challenge by erin

June 5, 2016

the last time i made a reading list for book challenge by erin, i read about a hundred pages or so of diana gabaldon's outlander, which is held in such high regard by so many that i was sure i should love it. i did not. in an effort to develop a better fascination for the story, i began watching the starz series which ultimately only served to heighten my distaste for the story. because i had the books i'd intended to read for that challenge lined up on my bookcase in descending order based on page count--outlander was the first--and because i'm a girl who likes order, i could not bring myself to start another book until i had finished that first selection, and i could not bring myself to finish that book. so i read nothing for erin's challenge. i don't know that i've ever read more than three titles chosen for her challenges. i know there's not been a point, until this last one, where i'd read none. i, a writer, not reading. shameful.

i have not read a book, cover to cover, that was new to me since june twenty-sixth of last year. that's forty-nine weeks, yall, of not reading. three hundred forty-four days. that's just wrong, on so many levels.

so i'm trying again... and if at first you don't succeed... in the past, i've made myself make my list by choosing books i already have in my possession--a kind of motivating factor to read the things i'd purchased or received. but that's just wrong, too. i realized. it's making this thing like a chore. it's putting pressure where erin would prefer there not be any. so this time, instead of looking at my meager library to determine which texts could fit the chosen categories, i copped a squat at pappadeaux's bar and scoured dozens of websites for recommendations. here's the resulting list:

freebie: after you / jojo moyes
starts with r: the rosie project / graeme simsion
five words in title: a school for unusual girls / kathleen baldwin
blue cover: right before your eyes / ellen shanman
(because we get one re-read, and i'm taking advantage of that)
twins: the royal we / heather cocks and jessica morgan
made into movie: the engagements / j. courtney sullivan
set in country i'd like to visit: beautiful ruins / jess walter
historical fiction: exile for dreamers / kathleen baldwin
music-related: supergirl mix tapes / meagan brothers
hundred years old: middlemarch / george eliot


  1. Hmm.
    1. The Stranger
    2. The Razor's Edge
    3. Maigret and the Wine Merchant
    4. I probably have. Just can't think of one.
    5. No.
    6. B. Monkey
    7. I have, I just can't think of the title. (for Australia)
    8. Meh.
    9. An Equal Music
    10. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    Anyway, I think your way is more challenging than mine.

  2. I'm halfway through The Royal We. I am fairly confident you won't hate it. That's one book I fully expect you to finish. :)

  3. think you'll love After You. I just read The Rosie Project this week (The Rosie Effect is on my list for the challenge.) I actually reviewed The Rosie Project on my YouTube channel - I just started reviewing books on there so search karen_runwright if you'd life to check out my video.
    Checking you out here from Erin's Facebook link and of course, I'll be following you now too. Always great to meet a fellow challenge contender.

  4. I wish you great luck with the challenge! The Rosie Project is laugh-out-loud fun, so I think you won't hate it.

  5. I've heard a lot of different opinions on The Royal We. Definitely interested to hear your thoughts when you finish it!

  6. I had no idea that The Royal We had twins as characters! I've been dying to read that book! I also chose Eleanor & Park as my book that's music related!

  7. Great list! Good luck with the challenge.