the texas chat pack questionnaire: results

May 17, 2015

only three people chose to participate in this competition, which makes me a little sad. but it also made choosing the winner pretty easy. lauren submitted her answers to my email. kristie and erin blogged them. i enjoyed ALL of your answers. i swear i did. yall gave me some really good stuff. but i believe erin did it best, and so she gets twenty-five bucks to texas roadhouse.

now, for my answers.

one. if you could have dinner with any athlete or coach currently playing for or employed by a texas team, whom would you choose? j.j. watt. duh.

two. who's your least favorite texan? rick perry.

three. who's your favorite? stevie ray vaughan.

four. who's the most famous texan you've met in person? dusty hill.

five. if you could build anything you wanted completely over water, what would it be? a house.

six. if your hometown could have the oldest of anything in the state, what would you want it to be? a bookstore.

seven. if you were to have a trophy named after you, what would candidates need to achieve in order to qualify for the award? one of the reasons most of my friends think i'm crazy is because i do things like paying to see a movie multiple times in the theater. excessively so. the first pirates of the carribbean film? i saw that thing eighteen times. i was gonna stop at fifteen, but when the manager of the blockbuster video store i frequented told me she'd met someone who'd seen it more than me (sixteen), i quickly set aside the dvds i'd gathered and headed for the theater. j.j. abrams' star trek? i watched that one twenty times. so i'm gonna have to go with the most obsessed movie-lover award, and the winner would need to show an intense passion and dedication to the craft of cinema in some way. it wouldn't necessarily have to be something like watching a film on a big screen twenty times. it could be something like having a house filled with film posters, having a massive dvd or digital film collection... whatever. just MUCH. almost frighteningly so.

eight. if a songwriter in texas wanted to write a country song about your life, what might serve as the perfect title for this tune? ain't no such thing as better.

nine. if you could be doing anything at all in texas at this very moment, what would it be? driving the backroads to see where they go.

ten. what is the single greatest moment in texas history? the battle of san jacinto.

eleven. if you could have a supersized home, what twist would you give it to make it uniquely yours? for the longest time i wanted a castle, somewhere between austin and dallas, right between the hill country and the forests, far enough from the city that i was in the country, but close enough to the city that i was able to get things easily (probably closer to austin than dallas, cause i hate dallas. but the country southwest of dallas is gorgeous, yall.). so a castle, which would make it pretty unique, as i don't think we have many castles in texas. the whole first floor would be a media room. it'd have a kitchen and a bath and gobs of comfortable seating--that lancaster sofa from restoration hardware, for example (like three of those). with original film posters all along the walls. and instead of a moat, i'd have a lazy river running round the place with the occasional drink station here and there.

twelve. of all the songs you can think of where the word "texas" or the name of a texas town appears in song's title, which one is your overall favorite? when i was a kid it was restless heart's the bluest eyes in texas. i still like that song, actually. but it ain't got nothing on zz top's la grange.

thirteen. of the scores of films shot in whole or part in texas, such as "apollo thirteen," which one is your favorite, and which one is your least favorite? favorite: apollo thirteen. least favorite: father hood.

fourteen. what is the best example of texas pride you have ever witnessed? anytime anyone says "i'm from texas." i just love hearing that word coming out of people's mouths.

fifteen. if you had five barrels of oil that you would sell at current market value, what would you buy with the money? $298.45 would pay off a doctor's bill and then some; i'd have enough to grab lunch somewhere decent.

sixteen. to people who don't hail from the lone star state, the texas twang can indeed sound a bit strange, but to your ears, which united states' region's people have the oddest-sounding accent? new yorkers.

seventeen. what's your biggest pet peeve about texans as a whole? that some of'm chose to be stupid longhorns.

eighteen. if you could have been there to witness any specific moment in texas' sports history, what moment would you choose? the texas vs. texas tech game football game from seven years ago.

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nineteen. what is the most disappointing, perhaps downright depressing moment in the history of texas sports? the oklahoma vs. texas a&m game from twelve years ago. it hurts to type the words.

twenty. if you could build a dream house along any lake or river in texas, where would you built it, and what would your waterfront retreat look like? when i drove to lubbock not long ago, i passed through a town called hamilton on highway thirty-six that i liked a lot. when i drove back, i came home on highway six, and i remember loving a lot of the countryside along that highway. there's a highway that connect hamilton on thirty-six, to hico on six. that highway is two eighty-one, which runs to san antonio. it'd be close to austin and dallas. not far from college station. seems like a good place to be. between hamilton and hico is the leon river. i'd put that castle that i was telling yall about right there.

twenty-one. if you were offered a hundred free acres of land anywhere in texas to use or develop as you wish, where would you  want your property to be located and what would you do with it. i'd build that castle on the leon river between hamilton and hico, and i'd make it a writers' retreat.

twenty-two. what is the most beautiful geographical feature in the entire state of texas? i don't think i can pick one. i love watching the sun set while speeding across ten from houston to san antonio. but i also love driving the backroads up through southeast texas toward the hill country. and coming home from lubbock, seeing the mountains trail off and give way to those forest and hills was pretty nice, too. then there's the bluebonnets... the fields of them that go on forever. the rivers...

i can't pick one because i love them all the same.

twenty-three. what is the most exciting annual event held in texas? i should say something like south by southwest or the rodeo. but for me, personally, the most exciting event is the start of football season.

twenty-four. what is the most overrated tourist attraction in texas? the alamo. i know what happened there. i know how important that event was in our history. i know. but people swarm around that building like it's... i don't know. it should be treated with reverence or something, and instead it's a place to take a selfie. i hate that. i loathe that it's become a tourist attraction. i would rather it just be. and when you pass it, you look at it, and you appreciate it, but you keep moving. you don't stop to take a picture.

twenty-five. if you had to do a summer road trip within texas on only one of the highways, which highway would you choose? eighty-seven from san antonio to lubbock. i've never been to fredericksburg. and i've always wanted to see the country on that route.