the picky days of may blogiversary bash and blogging competition

May 1, 2015

today begins the picky days of may blogiversary bash and blogging competition. among other things (which i can't tell you about just yet), i hope to have for yall ten different guest posts through the month of may. at the conclusion of the event, three guest posts will be judged for their inventiveness and creativity, page views and reader commentary; three bloggers will receive gift cards valued at twenty-five dollars. a fourth gift card will be given to the reader who has provided the greatest number of comments on picky posts published in may.

the first guest post i have for yall today is brought to you by kristie.

Hey y'all!  I am Kristie over at Kristie's Blue Jeans, and I am so very excited to celebrate Jenn's ten years of blogging with her, most especially with this wonderful post! I won't lie, I was a bit apprehensive when she gave me two topics to choose from, but I hope you enjoy what I came up with. Don't forget to come visit me!

My darling paper, you are the messenger of both happy and sad news.
You cut like a knife and more often than not, blood is drawn.
I want to hate you, but you are a necessity to my very being.
With you, I write memories, fantasies, but mostly truths.
You are everything that is simplistic, yet complex.
When I am angry, I crumple you up and toss you in the trash,
Walking away from the words carelessly scattered across your pages,
Never to be thought of again. Sometimes you come with pretty decor that makes my heart sing,

Other times you are a hideous shade of manila....
Paper, why can't you see what you do to this world?
You carry photographs of memories long forgotten,
Yet carry the words of historical hate.
I do not believe you are aware of the power you yield,
Centuries of knowledge is written across your books.

You are imperative to this planet.
I cringe for all things gone paperless
And wonder why anyone would want to be rid of you.
Sure we stack you precariously throughout offices,
But the information you hold is more vital than an email server could ever know.
We can not live in a world without paper,
For if we do, my heart will break.

thank you, kristie, for kicking this thing off so beautifully. 


  1. Oh goodness, Kristie. I'm embarrassed that my post will be compared to your beautiful words. Seriously. This was beautiful.

    1. No, no , no! I love your post! It is so real!

  2. What wonderful words, Kristie!